Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

14 Important Health Benefits of Coconut Oil for Everyone

Coconut oil is also known as complete oil because of its range of benefits and features which differentiate it from other available oils. This natural oil is rich with healthy saturated fats which works as a natural healer to improve your overall health functionality and other benefits. It is the versatile health benefits of coconut oil which have made it popular around the world in the last few decades.

It is also a superfood which is very easily and cheaply available. Its special fatty acids content is effective for treating multiple health concerns.

Some important health benefits that you can derive with the usage of coconut oil include heart health improvement by raising the HDL cholesterol level, reducing fat from the body, aid in digestion, boosting immunity system, treating yeast and other infections, and for improving skin and hair beauty.

Its countless benefits make it as the first choice among people of all ages as because this multitasking oil is capable to fight and remove multiple concerns without any risk of side effects.

14 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

health benefits of coconut oil

Helps in Losing Fat

The fatty acids content of coconut oil promotes the fat burning enzymes in the body which helps in faster weight reduction. This primarily focuses on reducing unwanted abdominal fat which helps to get into a perfect body shape.

By reducing the fat around your belly it prevents the risk of many chronic diseases which get a trigger when someone carries excess abdominal fat such as type 2 Diabetes, High cholesterol level, and obesity.

In a study on obese men and women found that regular consumption of 2 tablespoon coconut oil over a period of 12 weeks brings a noticeable reduction in their BMI level as well as in their waistline circumferences.

This simply proves how effective the coconut oil is for reducing the abdominal fat which is the root cause of many chronic diseases. However one should not consume this oil excessively as it is also high in calories content so its excessive usage can work negatively.

Aid in Digestion

The usage of coconut oil helps to improve the digestive function of the body by boosting gut health. It reduces the growth of bad bacteria and candida which can hamper the gut health easily if remains uncontrolled.

It helps your body to absorb all fat-soluble calcium, magnesium, and vitamins which together are important for gut health. Other than that when omega 3 fatty acids rich foods are taken with the coconut oil it enhances its effectiveness dual for overall health improvement by digesting it easily.

Also, it prevents Candida imbalance in the body which can impact your digestive function badly by causing inflammation and weaker digestive process. In this way, it prevents the risk of ulcerative colitis and stomach ulcers.

Protects and Improve Skin and Hair Health

The features and benefits of coconut oil are not only limited to internal health improvement but it is also well known for its cosmetic features. The application of this natural oil ensures healthy and beautiful skin as well as hair.

As it is very safe to use so anyone can apply it directly over their skin which helps to moisturize it by getting inside the deep pores and prevents aging signs. Apart from reducing dryness in skin, it is also effective in removing acne scars if applied consistently. Other than that it reduces the signs or symptoms of eczema.

When applied in hair coconut oil helps to remove the dryness, dullness by nourishing it deep inside and by maintaining the pH level in scalp. In this way, it ensures shiny, smooth and thicker hair with its regular usage in hair.

Massage your scalp with coconut oil before one hour of the shower and then wash your hair to see its beneficial effect for your hair health. Also, you can apply and leave coconut oil for the overnight and then wash your hair in the morning to ensure soft, moisturized and radiant hair look.

Suppresses Your Appetite

The coconut oil has a natural appetite suppressant property which is often used by people who are willing to reduce their body weight in order to control their frequent cravings.

The fatty acids content of this oil helps to kill your hunger hormone when you consume this oil by mixing it in some other food intake. When you consume coconut oil its fatty acids content burns your excess body fat by stimulating the metabolism function.

One study in 10 people to see the effect with coconut oil intake shows that their regular calorie intake reduces to a significant amount after the regular consumption of this oil. However, for excess weight reduction, it can take more than a year time even with its consistent usage.

Rich with Medicinal Properties

As the coconut oil has an abundant source of healthy saturated fats so it is known for its natural healing or medicinal properties. This healthy fat boosts your body’s fat burning capacity which ensures fast energy supply to the brain and body.

This is the reason coconut oil usage is suggested for treating many mental disorders naturally. Other than that the increased HDL cholesterol in the body prevents the risk of heart diseases.

The fat which is found in coconut oil is known as medium chain triglyceride which is shorter than any other fat existing in the body. It directly reaches in the liver where it is converted into energy or ketones which is beneficial for several health concerns.

Helps in Hormonal Balance

Many health issues started to grow and develop due to hormonal imbalance in the body which needs immediate treatment to reduce the growth and severity of affected health concern.

In this context usage of coconut oil helps a lot to maintain prepare balance of hormones naturally because of its healthy saturated fat or lauric acid content.

Women who are going through the menopause stage can relieve their symptoms to a great extent with the consumption of this healthy fat oil.

To relieve your symptoms of hormonal imbalance you can consume different sources of coconut oil like coconut water, coconut fruit, coconut butter, etc. Also, you can mix coconut oil with other healthy foods to increase their nutrient value.

Improves Heart Health

As the coconut oil is a rich source of fatty acids which comes in the category of medium chain triglycerides or MCT so it is absorbed in the body quickly after its consumption where it gets converted into energy for giving boosts to other organs in the body.

The benefit of MCT is that it doesn’t promote the transportation of cholesterol in the body hence beneficial for heart health.

It was found in a study conducted in people suffering from coronary artery diseases that those who consumed extra virgin coconut oil in their daily diet intake manages to increase their healthy cholesterol level in the body and reduces the level of bad cholesterol in a significant amount.

As the increased level of bad cholesterol directly impacts the heart health in a negative form so it is proved that with coconut oil consumption one can relieve and prevent the symptoms of heart diseases.

However, for ensuring the safety concern it is advised to go for regular cholesterol diagnosis to evaluate the effect of coconut oil on their cholesterol level. If it raises your bad cholesterol then avoids its consumption immediately.

Also without consulting with a doctor don’t start its consumption especially if you are already diagnosed with cardiovascular disease to avoid any risk concern.

Raises the Level of Good HDL Cholesterol

HDL cholesterol which is also known as good cholesterol level in blood can be increased with the consumption of coconut oil with a comparison of other oils. As the coconut oil contains natural saturated fat so it is safe and beneficial for cholesterol health.

Apart from increasing the level of good HDL cholesterol it also reduces the impact of bad LDL cholesterol. This is the reason it is effective for the body’s metabolic and heart health.

One study on cholesterol patients revealed that after consistent usage of coconut oil for 4 weeks show prominent increases in good HDL cholesterol at the same time it reduces the bad LDL cholesterol level in the body.

This proves that the consumption of coconut oil for high cholesterol as well as heart patients is beneficial for ensuring stable health.

Boosts Brain Function

The coconut oil consumption is also linked with brain functionality which helps to improve brain function and relieve many cognitive disabilities. Alzheimer’s disease which is primarily developed in elder people is one of the primary reason for the growth of dementia or memory loss issue.

This disease impacts the nerve cells in the brain which hampers their normal functionality like difficulty in recognizing things, a problem in speech, etc. However, all these brain functionalities can be boosted with regular intake of coconut oil intake.

As this oil contains medium chain triglycerides which is the key source of Ketones so it can replace the scarcity of energy especially for cells which are damaged due to Alzheimer’s diseases.

As this kind of patients faces difficulty in converting glucose into energy so their brain cells often face shortness of energy leading to memory loss problem. This issue can be well managed with a healthy intake of coconut oil which is a healthy source of natural saturated fats.

However, this needs some depth study as it is still not fully proved that the improvements shown in the Alzheimer’s patients after consumption of coconut oil is only because of its consumption or other factors were also responsible for improving the condition of such patients.

Helps in Weight Loss

Coconut oil helps in faster weight reduction with its especially fatty acids content which stimulates fat burn process in the body by improving the thyroid function and metabolic rate.

As a result of the increased metabolic rate in the body, the fat burn process stimulates to get more energy. Also, the increased energy level in the body due to fast metabolism function is helpful for other activities such as workout, regular day’s activities, etc. which are altogether helpful in the weight reduction process.

As the saturated fat existing in this oil is absorbed in the body easily so it doesn’t increase the normal fat level even after its consumption just like other oils. People who are obese or overweight can reduce their weight naturally with the regular intake of this healthy oil along with adhering other factors for weight loss.

It Prevents the Risk of Yeast Infection

The regular consumption of coconut oil prevents the risk of yeast infection, Candida which develops due to the uncontrolled growth of yeast naming Candida albicans in the stomach. It relieves from the symptoms of inflammation both internally as well as externally.

As coconut oil is rich with moisturizing properties so it doesn’t let the affected skin area get cracked or peeled. However, the improvement in the symptoms of Candida takes some time to reflect.

So you cannot expect sudden or drastic changes in your condition as it takes time in the symptoms withdrawal process. Also for the safer side you should start with a very low dose of coconut oil and gradually should increase its doses otherwise sudden usage of excess amount of coconut oil can show negative impact.

Helps in Reducing Inflammation and Arthritis

The extra virgin coconut oil which is prepared in medium heat is rich with analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which helps to improve the arthritis condition by reducing the inflammation in a natural way.

Along with improving arthritis condition it also helps in preventing osteoporosis health issue by fighting with free radicals which are the primary cause of this bone health issue with its anti-oxidative properties.

Also by increasing the level of calcium absorption in the gut, it helps in improving bone structure by preventing further bone loss or damaging caused by osteoporosis.

Boosts Your Metabolism Function

Coconut oil is primarily known for its easily absorbing property which ensures easy and faster digestion. When you consume this oil directly it reaches to the liver where it is converted into energy or ketones. This is the reason it helps in boosting your metabolism function by ensuring longer duration sustained energy level.

Coconut oil is taken as fuel by bodybuilders and athletes before exercise and training for improving their performance and endurance level in a healthy way.

Improves Dental Health

Oil pulling with the coconut oil ensures healthy dental condition by killing harmful bacteria existing in the mouth responsible for plaque buildup, teeth decay and bad breathe issues. During the oil pulling process, all harmful bacteria and germs stick with the oil and removed through spitting.

In this way, it helps in improving oral health naturally without any side effect. However in order to ensure the benefits of this oil pulling you have to be very consistent with its usage to ensure healthy teeth and gum health.

The above mentioned long lists of health benefits of coconut oil consumption and usage prove how effective it is for treating several health concerns. So there is no reason to say no to this healthy natural oil for you.

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