Natural Good Health and Happiness

Basic Tips to Achieve Natural Good Health and Happiness

Most of us believe in the typical stereotype rules and formula for improved health and internal pleasure or happiness but in reality, the scenario is totally different. In the blind following of these stereo measures we often miss the real essence and purpose of life. So lets us discuss today some basic tips to achieve natural good health and happiness.

What makes someone happy is absolutely a personal perspective and it will be different for the other person. That means something which is a matter for your happiness will be nothing for the person sitting next to you. So we cannot measure happiness in the term of wealth, stable personal, social and financial life or with anything else.

Again for improve and good physical health, most of us stick with the belief that it depends on a healthy diet and exercising. However, the fact is that an improved healthy body is not limited to only these few things, it needs much more than that.

You must have seen many prominent examples of people where they are unhealthy physically but always posses a beautiful smile on their face which reveals their true internal happiness and faith for life.

Again people who stay always happy or know how to keep themselves happy in all the negative circumstances of life carry better and improved health. These people fall less sick than others and hardly get a victim of any major illnesses.

That means internal peace of mind and happiness impacts a lot to someone’s physical health. Likewise, good physical health matters a lot for enhancing internal peace and happiness. So both of them are quite interlinked and interdependent on each other.

It is your regular lifestyle and your way of thinking that can change the quality of your current life. Also what you want or wish from life is truly achievable when you will learn to live happy and healthy. For this, you don’t need to be solely dependent on the material things.

The real happiness and tricks to live healthy by physically, mentally and emotionally lie in your hand only. You only need to understand their worthiness. Once you start giving value to them you will find how easy it is to achieve good health as well as happiness naturally.

6 Basic Tips to Achieve Natural Good Health and Happiness

basic tips to achieve natural good health and happiness

Build Social Connection

We human beings are a social animal means we cannot survive and flourish in solitary living or with isolation. The social meeting, gatherings with family members, friends, and colleagues and with new people not only helps to build our mental strength but it plays an important role for achieving natural good health and happiness directly or indirectly.

These social meetings pave a way to cope up with normal life’s struggles and for increasing our happiness twice by sharing it with others. Same way it helps to reduce grief, boredom and other panic matters of day to day life by getting social care and sympathy which is not possible through isolation.

This is the reason in the historical times, people were given isolation as a big punishment to those who commit any big crime so that they would not survive long and die with the pain of solitary living.

There are several mediums through which you can maintain social connections and the good thing is that for this natural resource for good health and happiness you don’t need to spend even a penny and you can avail its fruitful benefits sitting at home itself.

With the invention of multiple electronic medium and devices such as telephones, mobiles, internet, social media and lots more now distance is not a barrier for anything. By sitting at a single place you can contact your dear ones and see them visually whenever you feel low and need their mental support and strength.

However, the bitter reality of life is that as soon as we start growing our connection with own family members, siblings, friends, peer group, neighbors, etc. started to dwindle and at the maturity stage of life we stuck to only a few limited groups and people.

This happens because of the hardship of life which brings bitterness with our dear ones and also rush for money making and carrier buildup is another prominent cause which destroys some vital connections in life.

This is the reason as soon as you reach the next level of life one and more connection left far behind and along with that our sense and feeling for enjoying happiness in life hampered a lot. This then indirectly affects your physical health as well which is very much dependent on your internal peace and happiness.

So to cope up with such complexities in life and to run your life-cycle smoothly and happily make sure that you maintain a strong bond with all your connections in order to ensure natural good health and happiness.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Water is life and it is a naturally gifted high nutrient rich substance which is mandatory for every living being. By keeping your body fully hydrated through enough water intake you can not only improve your overall health but can ensure natural happiness as because a pleasing and happy mind only exists in a physically fit body.

Keep your stomach full of water to develop your skin beauty, controlling your body weight and for flourishing your kidney and heart health. A dehydrated body easily gets trapped from major health issues as because it affects directly to the body’s immunity power and energy level.

On the other hand, those who drink enough amount of water in their day to day life remains more fit and healthy than those who avoid drinking water. This is because 60% of our body is built with water essence so it is vital for smoother health and vitality.

Otherwise, it easily gets sick and tired with little work and lack of enthusiasm and energy level problems develop with time even for the recreational activities. For maintaining a healthy level of water in your body along with water you can have fresh juicy fruits, vegetables, etc. and try to avoid the dehydrating agents such as soda, coffee, alcohol, etc.

That means keeping the body hydrated is one of the natural basic tricks to achieve a healthy body and happiness in life. So don’t let your body get dehydrated at any cost.

Learn Right Way of Breathing

One of the primary reason or factor for bad health and major health concerns are our wrong breathing pattern or usage of an inappropriate way to breath. However, by inducing the correct way to breathe in your regular life you will not only improve your overall health but also it will open up the door for happiness to you.

Environmental dust and pollution have ruined the quality and freshness of air especially in the urban areas where most of the people fall sick frequently and often develops major health concerns in the very earlier stages of their life. This is because of their wrong pattern of breathing and poor quality of air in which they breathe.

So to overcome all these concerns it is very essential that you stay aware of the right posture and way to breath. As per the health specialists, there are three keys to breath in the right forms which are mentioned below:

  • Always breathe through your nose, not through your mouth.
  • Always breathe into your abdomen, stomach, and intestine not in your chest.
  • Try to breathe slowly and avoid fast breathing.

When someone fails to follow these three key to breath or avoid any one of them they easily get trapped of big problems by hampering their health several ways as it impacts badly to different body parts and their individual functionality.

Due to the wrong pattern of breathing body’s oxygen and carbon dioxide balance is disturbed, it affects the nerves in the brain causing psychological problems, affects body posture and heart health get disturbed too.

As a result of dysfunction of these body parts, some chronic health concerns started to develop slowly such as muscle soreness, joint pain, weaker neural tissue or brain system, poor body posture, and cardiac health concerns.

So to avoid all these chronic health hazards make sure that you follow the right pattern to breathe which are breathing through nose, slow breathing (6 to 8 times in a minute) and breath into your abdomen area not into your chest.

By improving the quality of breathing all these health concerns can be controlled efficiently and one can ensure natural good health and happiness in life as because a pleasing personality person owes good health as well, a key to happiness.

Control Your Mind and Emotions

We human beings are getting slave of our own mind and emotions day by day which is the root cause of all the big problems and agendas in life and enemy for our true happiness and good health.

What you think and feel impacts directly to your health and mood. That means when you think positive and good you indirectly appraises your overall health and feed your mood with good feelings and happiness.

On the other hand when you stay depressed or sad for incidents and work which has not happened yet or for any past bad incident, it destroys your mind capability to induce good feelings and harm your physical health as constant negative feelings harnesses your body’s immunity power and reduces metabolic rate which is the primary strength of a stable health.

The matter of worry is that at every minute hundreds of thoughts enter and rolled around our mind which is highest than any other activity of the body. This calls for immediate measure to control these useless thoughts occurring in mind which in turns take the form of emotions and belief in the later stage.

Human beings are emotional by birth in nature which is good, as well as it differentiates us from animals and keep us in the highest position in this universe. However, over-emotional nature cannot be considered as good as it can cause more harm than good.

Again the belief and emotions we hold impacts a lot to our inner health and mental health as because this abstract thing has a very close connection with the body’s nervous system and hormonal system. As both of these systems are directly linked with all primary functions of the body so it is quite usual that unhealthy emotions and beliefs will impact your physical health in some or other ways.

This needs a smart training of mind which can help to induce only positive thoughts and feelings for own self and for others. Any constant thought of mind becomes a permanent belief. That means if you think negative for yourself it becomes your permanent belief which later on dwindled your self-confidence and hampers the path of growth in life.

However, the good news is that you can train your mind with a positive belief which in turn opens up the path of success in life. This increased positivity in your thoughts and emotions will help you to achieve natural good health and happiness because a fit body exists only in a happy and peaceful mind.

So it is very important for every individual to learn the way to control their mind and emotions or in other terms self-control tricks and ways.

Eat Right Quantity and Quality of Foods

Healthy gut health is a source of a healthy and pleasing personality as because it not only nourishes your physical body but also boost your mental health by increasing the secretion of hormones that are responsible for happy feelings. So to keep your gut healthy it is very important that you eat the right proportion of foods and of the right quality.

In the rush for losing weight, people indulge themselves in unusual dieting which is hardly going to bring any noticeable reduction in your weight. Here the necessity is to change your lifestyle in a healthy way which is only possible when you concentrate on high nutrient dense foods which are the ultimate source of energy and improved gut health.

Listen to your body and feed it what is necessary for it not what you taste buds demands from you. Ideally, high nutrient dense, unprocessed and organic foods are the real source and mode for achieving natural good health and happiness in life.

You can experience a dramatic change in your overall health and mental strength by changing your food pattern in the correct form and doses. Eat only when your stomach is empty not just to follow the ritual of eating.

Fresh leafy fruits, vegetables, high protein, and vitamin-rich nuts and other organic food sources work as a natural medication for boosting your overall health. Also, it helps to restore your lost health by controlling the hormonal balance and metabolism function in the body. This, in turn, helps to reduce your weight and also to maintain a healthy weight in a natural and healthy manner.

Live in Present Moment

We human beings have the common tendency of living in our past and worrying about the future which is uncertain. As a result of this thinking pattern and lifestyle, we lose the real essence of life by messing and ruining our present.

What is already happened in the past we have no control over it and we cannot change it at any cost. Again what will happen in future no one knows so we only make anticipation about the future troubles and stay worried and unhappy for it.

Under both the condition you are hampering your overall health and happiness as because these unusual worries and tension are going to give you nothing more than hampering your brain power, energy level, and vitality.

So if you really want to enjoy your life with true happiness and with improved health naturally then by today itself forget the worries about your past and future. This will induce a fresh and positive belief in your mind which will open up the door of success, happiness, and longevity with improved health and body.

So it’s time to change all the stereotype belief and thinking and to embrace these above mentioned basic tips to achieve natural good health and happiness, to live our life fullest which is the most valuable treasure in this world.

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