Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Dark Circles: More Than Inadequate Sleep

  • One of the biggest problems in modern life is dark circles.
  • While the precise mechanisms by which dark circles are formed is being researched, lack of sleep is considered the biggest culprit.
  • Too little time spent lying down is a cause and lack of sleep makes the skin around the eyes paler and inhibits circulation.
  • Failure to remove eye makeup before going to sleep is another cause for this condition.
  • Other triggers include stress, disease, hormonal deficiencies or genetic factors and lack of adequate water or less nutritious food.

How to Fix Dark Circles

Steps You Can Take

Here are some of the steps you can take to safeguard yourself from a continued lack of sleep and resulting dark circles.

Assess Sleep Duration

You need to determine the sleep you require- it is generally 7-9 hours for adults but the amount actually required varies for people throughout their lives. Attain targeted amount consistently for some weeks and see if this helps the process. Alcohol and drugs or over medication can also impact sleep so you need to stay away from these.

Get Vitamins in Your System

Lack of sleep along with poor vitamin retention reduces the effective functioning of your adrenal glands. The less function you possess, the more vitamin B6 deficiency results. Less B6 absorption lessens the function and decreases the capacity to absorb vitamins in your body. This is a cycle that impacts sleep. Therefore, make sure you take regular vitamins, good calcium, and magnesium as well as lots of greens which are richer in these. Mineral supplementation’s can also restore functionality in the adrenal glands.

See If You Have Allergies

Another cause of skin discolouration and dark circles under the eye is an allergy. If the allergy is aggravating your condition, explore the source of the allergy and remove the allergen. Seasonal allergic reactions like hay fever can regularly be monitored and managed with OTC and prescription medicines. Avoidance is also another way to deal with the problem Dodging the allergens and reducing their impact will save your under-eye area from discolouration and darkening.

Gluten Intolerance

A common allergy or problem that causes the manifestation of dark circles of gluten intolerance. Allergy to wheat flour can also be a symptom of celiac disease. Check blood tests that are performed and remember that you need to be clear about the cause of your intolerance and take steps to tackle it immediately.

Nasal Congestion

A blocked nose results in dark circles under the eyes. Veins around the sinuses undergo darkening and dilation. This can lead to dark circles. Use drops or decongestants for countering the problem.

Eat a Balanced Diet

Eat a Balanced Diet
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Eating a healthy balanced diet and taking plenty of water can solve the problem of vitamin deficiency induced dark circles under the eye. Deficiencies and puffiness in the eye can be the result of less antioxidant like Vitamin K or B12. Anaemia is also associated with dark circles. Eat plenty of greens and take supplements and circulation improving fluids.

Lower Salt Intake

This is one of the best ways to counter dark circles. Excessive salt in the body causes the retention of water in different places including the under-eye area. Too much salt causes blood vessels under the skin to darken, leading to this problem. Reduce sodium intake and watch the dark circles disappear.

Quit Smoking

Smoking leads to blood vessel related or vascular problems that threaten life and make blood vessels appear blue in color. They also cause dark circles. Chronic smokers should take note that cigarettes can harm your life and destroy your physical appearance. If you want to avoid this, choose to quit smoking.

Natural Remedies That Work

Apart from lifestyle and nutrition changes, you can also take up natural remedies which save your skin from dark circles. These include everything from cucumber slices (a well-known cure) to less obvious solutions like grated potato or tomatoes. Let’s dive right into the sea of opportunities that present themselves through these natural remedies for curing dark circles:

Cucumber Slices

These reduce puffiness in eyes and make the appearance of under-eye skin natural. A quick solution for tired eyes and dark circles, you need to use cucumber slices( best when cold) over each eye extending to the darkened area. Keep your eyes closed and do this 10-15 minutes every day for quick results.

With skin lightening and mildly astringent properties, the soothing and healing effect of cucumbers can really work wonders.


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A tomato may be a good ingredient for space, but it is equally useful for decreasing dark circles and ensuring the skin remains soft and supple. Mix tomato juice with a dash of lemon and leave this on for 10 minutes. Wash it off with water and repeat the remedy twice every day. Add mint juice forepart freshness to this mixture. Tomatoes are natural bleaching agents.

Grated Potatoes

Another good bleaching agent is the potato. Take some raw potatoes and grate them to extract the juice. Then, apply the potato juice-soaked cotton ball under your eye. The cotton balls should cover the dark circles under the eyes and the eyelids. Leave this on for a duration of 10 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water. You can even try potato slices or pureed potato over your eyes to treat the problem. For best results, choose cold potatoes. Natural bleaching compounds in potato lighten dark circle in the under eye area. They also reduce eye puffiness.

Cold Tea Bags

Another way to destroy dark circles is to use cold tea bags. Choose brands like green tea or chamomile for the best impact. Chill it by placing it in the fridge for some time. Place them under your eyes when they are cold enough and watch your dark circles disappear. Caffeine, antioxidants, and tannins present in the tea bags are wonderful for your eyes. They reduce the inflamed blood vessels and prevent retention of fluid around the eye, thereby lowering the chance of developing dark circles.

Cold Compress

You can use everything from a frozen spoon to a cool teabag or ice cubes in a cloth bag to your eyes daily to remove the dark circles. Cool and damp, these cold compresses should be refrigerated overnight for the best results. Place them over your eyes for around 10-15 minutes for the best results.

Almond Oil

This is a natural cure for the delicate under-eye skin. Regular usage of almond oil fades eye circles, and vitamin E can also be used to cure dark circles under the eye. Choose a good brand of almond oil and apply it to lighten dark circles. Leave the oil overnight. The vitamin E in it will reduce dark circles and make peri-orbital under eye area look bright and less tired.

Rose Water

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This has incredible benefits for skin care, soothing tired eyes and rejuvenating the skin. On account of its astringent property, it also tones the skin. Apply cotton pads soaked in rose water for 10-15 minutes and follow this remedy twice for some weeks. This will remove the disfiguring dark circles.

Vitamin C Rich Lime Juice

Lemon juice has vitamin C which has skin lightening properties. It removes dark circles under the eye. Use cotton balls in fresh lemon juice to wipe away your dark circles. Another option is to add gram flour and tomato with some turmeric powder. Applying this to your eyes and then rinsing it off produces beneficial results.

Coconut Oil

A coconut oil massage also works well, if getting rid of dark circles is your aim. It lightens dark circles and due to its moisturizing quality, it smoothens the skin and prevents eye wrinkles and lines. Use extra virgin coconut oil for the best outcome.

Cold Milk

Regular and constant use of cold milk reduces dark circles and soothes the skin and the eye. Take a bowl of cold milk(even iced water will do) and apply the cotton ball soaked in this to your eyes. Keep it for a while and then remove the same. Wash with regular water after this for best results.

Orange Juice

Another good remedy to cure dark circles is orange juice. Fresh and high in citrus content, you can mix it with glycerin and apply the mixture over dark circles for the natural glow to your eyes.


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This well-known cure for dark circles has anti-inflammatory property. Turmeric soothes and prevents swelling under the eye. It is also rich in antioxidants which make the skin smoother and softer. Use turmeric paste to make the blood vessels recover and prevent dark circles.

Some Quick Fixes

  • Along the way, some ways to counter dark circles include getting limited sun exposure and drinking plenty of water per day to get rid of fluid retention which may be causing the problem.
  • Make your diet nutrient rich and avoid caffeine and other stimulants which weakness delicate skin under the eyes.


Dark circles can affect the under eye area on account of lifestyle issues, lack of adequate sleep, hormonal changes and stress. They dull your overall appeal, and these natural remedies can make it possible to improve your condition. Choose natural remedies and lifestyle changes to counter the burden of dark circles. Don’t take this problem lightly because it can signal eye strain too. These natural remedies are easy to follow, with excellent results for countering puffiness and tired eyes. Choose a healthy life and make a difference in how others see you with these amazing remedies.

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