Low Women’s Libido – Causes and Solutions

According to psychoanalysis Libido is the energy of the sexual drive. In easier words it refers to sex desire. If we analyze sexual behavior, libido is the appetitive phase where male or female responds in such a way that they can gain the opportunity to approach the opposite sex.

Lack of libido is very much common in women in compare to men. These days half the women of the world are lacking libido. This is really unpleasant news. From the The American Medical Association we come to know that about seven million women in USA are suffering from the deficiency of libido. From the statistics from the clinics of UK it is seen that several hundred thousand women in Britain are suffering from ‘female sexual arousal disorder’. Every day a lot of women are complaining about their low libido problem. These women really don’t have any desire in love making. And these things are creating a great problem in their conjugal life. Fortunately Low libido in women is one of the problems that can be taken care of by the expert medical or psychosexual advisers. Sometimes this lack of libido thing may be temporary. So don’t be too much tensed. In this article we will discuss about the Causes as well as solutions of Low libido.

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Low libido Causes:

There are many Physical as well as psychological causes for the loss of libido. As a woman if you don’t realize why you are experiencing this lack of sex desire you won’t be able to prevent or cure it. So let’s discuss about these causes.


Yes, anemia can decrease the libido level. Anemia can be due to blood loss or abnormal destruction of RBCs or the lack of formation of red cells. Any of the three can be the main cause of libido reduction in women. The excessive menstrual flow which is known as hemorrhagic anemia can be a great reason for low libido. The bleeding can also occur from nose, esophageal varcies or rectum. This can lead to acute anemia and lower the sex drive.


The heavy use of alcohol can lead a woman to libido loss. It creates pessimistic results for a woman’s sexuality. If a woman consumes heavy amount of alcohol the impact on the sexuality will be negative. A remarkable loss of libido is found in the women who are too much alcoholic. Too much alcohol will indirectly numb your sexual desire.

Drug abuse:

If you are suffering from some kind of anxiety and regularly having anti-depressant drugs there will be reduction in your sex drive. High blood pressure medicines can also cause the same results. If you are taking oral contraceptives you will experience the same. So take drugs in a useful manner.

Vaginal discomfort:

Dryness, tightening, atrophy and other discomfort in vagina and vulva can lead to lowering of libido.

Hyperprolactinaemia and hormone abnormalities:

Hyperprolactinaemia is a rare disorder which is responsible for diminishing libido. And there are some hormonal abnormalities which are remarkable in this regard. For example luteinising hormone (LH) is responsible for lowering libido in women.

Past sexual abuse or rape:

Many women have the inability to have an orgasm. Some Women suffer a great deal while love making. There may be pain while having sex. And these may result from the past sexual abuse. This is one of the psychological reasons, largely responsible for the loss of libido in women.

Stress and overwork:

If you are in immense stress you will not develop a sexual desire. Say you have money problems, job stress and family stress then there will be certain reduction in the libido level.

Low libido solutions:

Break the bad habits:

If your libido loss is due to those bad habits like alcoholism, drug abuse etc. then you should avoid those. In researches it is seen that taking moderate amount of alcohol is okay but too much is destructive. So avoid these things. Before taking any antidepressant consult your doctor.


Find out the signs and symptoms. The main sign is lack in sexual desire. If you see this problem frequently consult your physician.

Traditional medicine:

Good news for woman folks! The treatment of low libido is easier for women. There are many traditional medicines available. The herbalists are working hard for getting the remedy of libido problems. But before taking any medication try to know all the side effects, addiction or potential threats of the drug.

Natural treatment:

There are many herbal medicines for increasing libido levels. These natural treatments are free from negative side effects. So you can try these medications. These treatments also increase the overall health performance.

Talk to your practitioner about vaginal discomfort:

Many women suffer from thinning, dryness and other vaginal discomfort. These types of problems automatically decrease the libido levels. So if you are feeling these types discomfort in the vagina take immediate treatments. Try foods and medicines rich in vitamin E. Sometimes the low-dose vaginal creams are not effective, talk to your doctor and feel free to change them.

Apply dietary soy:

It is an effective treatment as it increases the vaginal lubrication. This also helps the plumping of the tissues.

Increase intimacy with your partner:

Sometimes psychological treatments can be very useful solution for libido. Talk freely with your partner about the problems you are facing. Try to make him understand the problems . This will help you a great deal.

Try to live a tension free life:

Stress is one of the most intense psychological reasons for the libido lowering. If you live a tension free life you will not develop stress. It will help you to emphasize in your sexual life more. Because of stress many women don’t have a normal testosterone level. If you are suffering from chronic stress your progesterone is converted to stress hormones other than sex hormone. Progesterone is one of the precursor elements of testosterone. So if you are in stress your sex hormones become stress hormones and ultimately decrease the libido. That’s why try to live a stress free life.

Working through relationship difficulties:

It is so much important. It means to increase communication with your partner. Discover your skill and listen to each other. So exercise these and take some natural aphrodisiacs that increase libido.

These are some discussion about the causes and solutions of lower libido. If you have some problems please share with us. You can share your experience with us by commenting.

This is a guest post by Tanjil Ovi from TheClubHealth

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