Tips to Sharpen Memory with Aging

Most Effective Tips to Sharpen Memory with Aging

With aging one common issue that every individual face in their life is a loss of memory or reduction in ability to remember things or learn new things. Though most people connect this issue as a normal sign of aging which is not true. However, this issue can be combat easily by following some smart tips to sharpen memory with aging.

There are several factors which cause to impact your memory so it cannot or should not be blamed solely as a normal aging symptom. One common belief that people have that with increasing age their capacity to remember and learning new things will reduce automatically, is the one wrong perception that impacts their mental ability a lot.

Though people consider it as natural phenomena of life however the underlying reason is their own wrong belief that they have heard and learned from society. Another issue which impacts the memory power in people as they rage is their mental in-activeness.

After retirement people not only started living inactive life physically but mentally as well they lose their interest in anything. This mental in-activeness slowly hampers their natural ability of the brain leading to loss of memory and other mental weaknesses issues develops which is nothing but their self-created health problems.

Apart from this some common mistakes and beliefs that people do and hold there are some common health concerns also which are associated with this memory loss problem.

Diseases which can impact your memory efficiency with time include hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, brain injury, diabetes, depression, sleep apnea, etc. So in the cases of such health concerns, the patient should take necessary advice from the doctor so that they won’t have to suffer from impair cognitive skills or dementia.

Though aging is not fully responsible for memory loss problem still to some extent it throws its impact on your brain nervous system. For example, with older age, the blood flow in brain cells gets reduced with a comparison to younger age or time.

This causes the breakdown in connection of many brain nerves cells from other nerves. Also, shrinkage develops in some of the brain cells with aging which also affects the normal blood flow in the affected nerve. All these phenomena together can impact your memory power and other memory-related problem may appear as a result of it.

However, the good news is that in spite of your aging you can win over common memory-related problems if you give a little bit extra attention in your lifestyle. So in order to increase the sharpness of your mind today, we have enlisted some effective tips for you in order to keep your memory sharp as you age.

12 Tips to Sharpen Memory with Aging

tips to sharpen memory with aging

Pursue for New Skills

It is proved in researches that people who show interests in learning new skills such as advanced study, new artwork or learning a musical instrument, etc. have a much more improved brain even though they get older.

This happens because indulgence in learning stimulates brain cells by keeping it busy for remembering and holing all those new skills and tasks. As a result of it, the nerves that circulate around the brain needs more blood flow for such engagement.

A regular flow of enough amount of blood through these brain cells doesn’t let it get shrink which is not possible in people who avoid giving any pressure or task to their mind with self-belief that their older age has already harnessed their mental ability to remember or learn any new things or skill.

So for keeping your memory sharp in your older age try to pursue a higher level study, or if you are in a job then instead of doing monotonous work, actively participate for new training skill without hesitating as this will work like your brain cells stimulant.

These healthy brain-engaging activities or work schedules in your day to day life will keep your memory as sharp as a teenager even if you get older enough.

Control Your Stress

Stress or tension is a part of human life and it is not limited to any age group. From a child to adolescent to a middle age person everyone is suffering from some or other form of stress of their academic life, professional life and above all their personal life stress.

The worst part of this negative feeling of your mind is that it not only affects you for the time being when you are going through it but it leaves its effect for a very long period. Consistent mental stress can lead to mental impairment and many other mental health-related problems may develop as a result of it.

So in order to avoid such mental health issues like memory loss or dementia you should learn to control and manage your day to day stress level in a very smarter way.

For this, you must do some healthy mental relief and mental health booster activities such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing, etc. These healthy structured lifestyles will calm you internally by releasing all your stubborn stress level and set your mind free for learning and holding a vast amount of memories.

Keep Your Brain Active

By keeping your brain active through different modes and ways you will not only make your memory sharp but also avoid the memory loss worries as you age. Mentally stimulating activities like engaging in games, which primarily needs your brain to remain active throughout the period, helps to boost your brain cells.

So for staying mentally active you can play crossword puzzles, chess, bridges, listen to the music, participate in your local and official cultural programs as a volunteer, etc. These active lifestyle habits will keep your memory sharp and strong even if you have crossed many decades of your life.

Play Brain Games

Playing brain games will be an amazing amusement option that you can get through different online game options. The feeling of achievement and happiness with crossing each milestone and to reach the highest goal of the online brain games works as a stress reliever by keeping you mentally active or engaged.

It establishes your reasoning skills and capabilities along with fun. Moreover, for coping with your daily life stress these online game is an effective tool. So to sharpen your memory as you get older you must play memory games, word games, mathematical games, etc.

Its never too late to improve yourself. So even your brain was not very sharp in your younger stage of life you can improve it by keeping your brain engaged in such brainy games even in your old age. This will improve your memory and will not let you a victim of memory loss issues which gets worse with time if you remain mentally inactive.

Neurobics Exercises

Just like your physical body exercise helps to tone muscles and boosts your physical health, similarly, you can improve your memory with an effective brain exercise known as Neurobics.

You don’t have to pay even a penny for this brain exercise and its benefits that you will get are countless. Moreover, it is the best way to sharpen your memory even in your older stage.

Some-small activities in your daily life are enough to stimulate your existing brain cells and for the growth of new brain cells irrespective of age. Little changes in your habits and lifestyle are enough to stimulate your brain cells similar to the physical workouts.

For example instead of following same habits that you have learned in the very initial stages of your life you can try new forms and ways to live your life such as use your left hand more if you generally use your right hand, use more hand gestures to express your thoughts and feelings, use your brain more for doing things instead of using your visual sense, etc.

This will put an extra effort to your brain to learn it and get accustomed with it which is not but a way to keep your brain sharp and strong.


Imaginations are one of the effective techniques for stimulating brain cells and the best part of it that you don’t have to reserve a special time to pursue it. Just while walking through your way to the office or while morning-walk etc. you can keep your mind busy in imagination for a plan or anything.

Make sure that this imagination is only in the positive direction not for any negative thought for you as it can work reversely. When you start imaging anything your brain cells automatically activates to answer your queries or searching process starts in your mind.

Imagination is an effective brain exercise for people of all ages which not only strengthen your memory but keep it improving throughout your life even in the older ages.

Repeat the Same Thing for Remembering

One study on the patient of dementia or memory loss issue has revealed that the repetition technique plays an effective role to help such people to remember new things by strengthening their memory power.

Same is applicable for people who have a weak memory issue at the very initial phases of their life or those who are in their old age. Irrespective of any age and gender the repetition theory of remembering will help you in a drastic manner.

In order to apply this technique, you require repeating the same thing after an interval of a few hours if you want to remember it and don’t want that it will get slip off your mind. Repetition again and again through writing or by speaking it in a loud voice by expressing others emphasizes those words in your mind.

As a result of such reinforcement of your memory, your brain cells connection gets more active than before in order to save and recall those thoughts as and when you want them.

Get More Organized

Untidy or cluttered things at home or in your office place are more likely to create stress and confusion in your mind by creating difficulty for you to get necessary things when you want or need them. So to get rid of it and in order to sharpen your memory than before try to keep your things much more organized form than you have currently.

In this context, you can take the help of electronic devices or a calendar or note down in a notebook regarding important appointments, important occasions date and important work that you are supposed to do in future. This kind of organized work will help you remember things just at a single glance which you can easily do by checking it at each morning and accordingly start your day.

Also, keep your important belongings at the same place so that you can find them instantly without pressurizing much to your brain. This type of organized daily schedule will save your memory or brain for remembering or learning other important and new things by conserving it for these important aspects of your life.

Stay Positive about Yourself

People who believe in old stereotype thinking which is running through long past decades regarding age impact on memory are more likely to lose control over their memory and as a result of it, they get a victim of loss of memory issue as they age.

The belief that generally, people holds that aging will reduce their capability to remember and learn new things in their middle age and above are in darkness. The reality is that it is your own personal perception that impacts directly and this is the reason people who don’t trust themselves are the usual victim of memory loss issue with age.

So to combat this issue you have to be very positive about yourself and this you can ensure by believing in your own capabilities. If you trust yourself that you can learn new things and remember things irrespective of age then aging will not work as a barrier for you at any age.

Follow a Fixed Physical Exercise Routine

Physical exercise not only boosts your physical health but it is equally beneficial for your mental health as well. When you workout physically the blood flow in brain cells increases more than the usual period. The better blood flow in the brain means more active and strong brain cells which are vital for a sharp memory.

So make sure that even you get older you won’t leave exercising. As per the health specialties light to moderate form of workout for 150 minutes in a week is important for every individual to keep their overall health fit and strong including brain health as well.

Moderate aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, etc. are enough to keep your brain sharper by providing more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood in the brain cells which keeps your memory sharp even in your older age.

Take a Sound Sleep during Night

A good night time sleep or sound sleep during night works as a natural healer for your overall health. It helps to stimulate and strengthen your memory power by giving enough rest and relaxation to your brain cells which get tired out of whole day hectic schedules.

However, people who find difficulty in sleep or staying asleep during nights for a longer duration get a victim of insomnia which is a disease that develops due to lack of proper sleep during nights.

The sad news is that the medications which are prescribed to treat insomnia often disturbs your memory power and mental abilities. So it is very essential you treat your sleeping issue with some natural remedies and tricks instead of depending on such medications.

By taking long and sound hour sleep daily in nights you can stimulate your brain cells and keep your memory sharp throughout your life.

Quit Smoking

Researches show that smokers especially chain smokers are the highest victim of memory loss issue in their older age than the people who have never smoked in their life. Their excessive smoking habit not only impacts their physical health but it is equally worst for their mental health as well.

However, this problem can be dealt if you manage to quit smoking in your middle age so that in your old age you won’t have to suffer from dementia or other memory loss health issues.

The above mentioned tips to sharpen memory with aging will help to stimulate your brain cells by keeping it active socially, professionally and intellectually and will keep away memory loss problem even if you get too old.

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