Lose Weight during Holiday Season

Best Tips to Lose Weight during Holiday Season Easily

Year ending time comes with the joy of adventurous holiday trip and fun but along with this happiness and joy, it also remains accompanied with a worry of weight gain which is a common problem of this particular season. However, with some effective tips to lose weight during holiday season one can stay stick to their fitness plan very easily.

We all make some resolution at the beginning of the new year and out of hundreds of ideas or plans of these resolutions, weight loss or weight control is the most desirable and dominated one out of the rest.

However, the sad thing is that by the end of the year this high spirit plan ends with failure when you lose your willpower and give yourself full freedom to taste all the foods, beverages and snacks which are unhealthy.

The last month of a year to till mid of January remains full of parties and festival celebrations. So it’s really become very difficult to keep oneself far from those delicious party foods and beverages which in turn breaks your diet plan and your whole year effort goes into a vein.

But this is not going to happen in this particular year, as here we have enlisted some mind-blowing at the same time easily adaptable ideas for you which can keep you on track to maintain your weight along with enjoying your seasonal holiday and parties.

10 Tips to Lose Weight During Holiday Season

tips to lose weight during holiday season

Start Your Day with Heavy Breakfast

Your breakfast meal is the most important meal of a day whether you are on a diet plan for losing your weight or for improving your overall health. This one meal has the capability to manage most of your health concerns and especially for losing weight it works dramatically.

If you don’t want to gain one extra pound of weight during this holiday season then you have to keep a close watch on your day’s first meal which is your breakfast. Make sure that your stomach won’t remain empty due to light or less quantity of food in the morning time.

You don’t need to eat lots of carbs or fat full diets. There are much healthy protein rich and fiber-rich foods which you can serve in your breakfast plate without worrying about the break of your weight loss plan.

One full glass of fruit juice, brown bread with peanut butter and some other fresh seasonal fruits are enough to keep your stomach full for a long time and the best part of this healthy breakfast is that it will not let you feel super hungry even till the dinner time.

That means you don’t have to rush for dinner meal and you can control your diet portion even though there will be lots of delicious and mouth-watering menu will exist in your dinner party.

Select a Health Conscious Partner for Dinner

It is been proved in researches that people have a common tendency to follow or imitate their dinner mate or dinner body. Most of the alluring functions and events are organized at the night time whether it is a festival celebration or a marriage or birthday party it’s all organized for in night time.

So you get a golden chance to maintain your willpower to control yourself from overeating when you will attend a dinner party with a partner who is health conscious. This is because when you will see that your dinner mate is not overeating or picking only those limited foods which are healthy enough then you will follow them without any trouble.

With this trick, you can save yourself from oily, highly processed and other luxurious diets of a party which are tasteful but at the same time harmful for your weight loss plan or resolution.

Don’t be Too Lazy

As it is your holiday time that doesn’t mean that you will misuse your break days. In general, people get more lethargic or lazy during the holiday season. Rest is good and important for health as it rejuvenates your mind and body with freshness and enthusiasm to restart your work again with the dual-energy level when you return to your workplace.

However, getting too lazy and spending most of your time in sleeping and resting is no way good and it tends you to overeat when you spend most of your time at home only lying on your bed or couch.

Apart from this when you cut off from the physical activities that you strictly used to follow in your normal days very strictly then it affects badly to your physical fitness. This is the reason people often gain more weight during the holiday season than any other months or time of the year.

Along with resting and sleeping you have to give equal effort for your fitness plan like your previous normal days routine. For this, you can choose some outdoor games and activities with your friends and family members.

These kinds of small outings in a day will not only refresh your mood but also don’t let you spend your day in drowsiness or unusual rest throughout the day. Also with this, you get a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your dear ones which are not possible in the normal day’s routine when you have to follow a particular office schedule or study curriculum if you are a student.

Select Your Snacks Wisely

Snacks are the most tempting and favorite part of our whole day meal irrespective of people of all ages. So it is quite obvious that we cannot bind our self from eating it. However, by choosing snacks wisely that means health friendly snacks we can do a lot for fulfilling our target for weight loss.

Holiday seasons are the most awaiting part of the year no doubt and when we are at home especially in holidays, desire for light, tasty snacks is very common to occur. In this context instead of selecting cookies and other unhealthy goodies, you can go in a healthy way in this particular holiday season.

What we first like to grab that is very easily available and near to our hand. So this human psychology can make your way easy. That means when you will be at your home make sure that all healthy treats and snacks are kept within your visibility so that the moment your mind trigger for snacking you grab them at first.

Likewise, you should hide all unhealthy snacks if it is there in your home out of your sight so that in spite of your tremendous desire you cannot eat them. Other than that till your holidays leave don’t buy any unhealthy snacks for the storing purpose until you cross this peak time for weight gain smartly without affecting your weight.

However, this trick will not work when you will at your office place or at a dinner party. So for that, you can apply mindful eating habit to protect yourself in those circumstances. Carry healthy snacks in a box during traveling hours such as fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, etc.

Be a Smart Chef and Tester

Holiday means more fun and more chilling. People want to try new foods and beverages by experimenting their new cooking recipes which were not possible in the regular days due to a long hectic schedule of office or colleges.

The internal chef lying inside in both men and women want to come out at this particular time to show one’s special cooking skill and in order to prove it in the front of friends and family member.

This is good but out of whole day indulgence in baking and cooking of fresh snacks and dishes during the holiday season we often forget about our weight loss plan which very important and this negligence tends to more weight gain within one or two weeks.

It is quite obvious also as when you will prepare something you will definitely try its taste at least a bite. These small-small bites gradually keep on adding more calories to our weight which ultimately accumulated in the form of one extra pound of our total weight.

So here you require to take each step prudently so that you won’t have to compromise with your passion for cooking new dishes without hampering your body weight negatively.

For this make sure that you are not hungry or your stomach is empty when you are cooking any new dish. Also, you can keep a cooking body with you who can do this taste testing work for you and you have to indulge in very less time for this.

Indulge in Mindful Eating

Learn and practice the mindful eating habit as it’s a great way to accomplish your target of weight loss during the holiday season. Not only for the holiday you can practice this healthy method throughout the year to maintain your weight with less effort and trouble.

It is proved in some studies that mindful eating can play an effective role while trying to lose weight. Mindful eating denotes full concentration on your eating means towards your meal and plate so that you won’t overeat.

It is seen in some researches that people who are distracted during their mealtime unwillingly overeat. This happens because their distracted mind doesn’t catch the signal of the fullness of their stomach and in spite their your full stomach they keep on eating and increases more calorie intake.

This problem can be resolved with a healthy practice of mindful eating which includes keeping all the distracting factors away such as mobile phones or any of your routine or official task away from your meal chair. When you won’t get any kind of distraction you can feel the signal of your stomach fullness instantly when it happens and stop yourself from eating further.

Try this mindful eating trick in this holiday season and get a drastic control of your weight.

Increase Your Fiber Intake

Just like protein-rich diets fibers are equally beneficial for health as this healthy nutrient brings a natural feeling of fullness with a very light intake of it and keep your stomach full for several hours. That means you get saved from frequent craving for unhealthy snacks especially in holiday seasons.

When you increase your fiber intake you automatically reduce your overall calorie intake that means no unwanted weight gain tension lies just by an increased quantity of fiber-rich foods.

Whether you are going for an outing or spending your holidays at your home place only make sure that your fridge remains full of adequate quantity of fiber-rich diets. As because visibility matters a lot. So when you will open your fridge for snacking you can only pick a healthy diet without any worry to gain some more weight in these leisure days.

Think for Your Health Before you Eat Something

Self-consciousness is the best teacher and instructor for controlling your weight and for improving your overall health. This means you must remind yourself again and again why you are on a healthy diet plan, what benefits you will get out of these efforts for you as well as for your family.

This quick reminder will work as an effective trick whenever you get tempted for any unhealthy snacks or beverages during the party time or outings. People have a tendency that they give freedom to themselves during the holiday season to eat anything which they have been avoided throughout the year to please their taste bud.

This light freedom can make you pay a lot when at the end of the holidays you will find yourself unfit in your regular dress. So what is the benefit of this freedom nothing ultimately? In order to protect yourself from such temptations of holiday seasons, you need to be very focused in all respect.

Make sure that you eat only when you really fill hungry not just for copying the person sitting next to you. Also, give yourself a small reminder of your weight loss plan that you have to maintain not only in this season but throughout the year.

Chew Enough

Chewing foods for a long time is another effective trick or way to protect yourself from overeating and keep you on the right track without getting distracted even though you are in your holidays.

Make sure whatever meal of the day or night you eat chew it for a long time and in slow motion so that it will take time to digest and your stomach will get full early than the normal time. This will benefit you in two ways, one you will not overeat second you won’t get a frequent craving for snacks or big meals.

Sleep Enough

Just because it is your fun making time for which you have waited throughout the year, you will only keep yourself busy in chilling and outings. This time is for your rest as well which your body and mind really deserve and that is only possible with enough or plenty amount of sleep.

There are countless benefits of a sound and long hour sleep both for internal as well as external health. It boosts your mind capability by reliving it from stresses that your mind was overburden for a long time.

Giving attention to your sleeping pattern and time is also important because it is seen that many people develop sleep deprivation problem during the holidays which in turns lead to more weight gain.

Another logic behind the link between sleeping concerns and weight gain is that when you will remain awake for a longer time you will feel more hunger than usual days and your body will feel lack of energy for physical activities which are important for your fitness.

All these factors generated by the lack of a good amount of sleep during the holiday season leads to gain more weight instead of maintaining it. So to avoid these factors and triggers make sure that you sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours in the night and in day time also you should sleep for at least 2 to 3 hours to prevent frequent daytime cravings.

We cannot resist our body and mind from enjoying the fun activities and adventures of the holiday season but yes it can be made more worthy full if you will follow our tips to lose weight during holiday season for both your fitness plan and health.

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