Home Remedies For Butt Acne

Butt Acne: Causes, Treatments and Home Remedies

Acne is the most common skin-related concern which can develop at any point in time of your life however teenagers are the bigger victim of this concern. It can develop at any part of your body however here we will discuss the acne problem which develops in your butt area. Whatever may be the reason for your buttocks acne, it can be well dealt with some effective home remedies for butt acne.

Once your skin gets a victim of acne you are more likely to develop this problem on recurrence basis if necessary action is not taken on time. Also, the big issue of this skin disease is that in the long run, it can leave permanent scars behind especially if it is mistreated.

If you are the one who wants to get rid of those flare-up butt acne problems then you will get all the answers of your queries in this particular article. We understand very well that your lifestyle doesn’t remain easy and comfortable when butt acne becomes a regular issue as it neither let you wear your desired clothing nor it allows you to live your life in a comfortable way.

However, you need not worry about it anymore as here you will get a complete suggestion like what you should do and what medical help can be best in your condition.

Causes of Butt Acne

home remedies of butt acneIt really feels very embarrassing when you develop acne in your butt area however once you have developed this concern then the only thing that you can do for your help is to avoid those underlying reasons which are responsible for this skin condition. So below we have enlisted some most common causes of butt acne problem.

Excessive Perspiration

Excessive perspiration or sweating is one of the primary factors responsible for butt acne growth. However, in this regard, you need to understand this very clearly that the sweating itself doesn’t encourage the acne bacteria growth instead the sweat amount that sits on your butt skin for longer duration can cause acne problem.

This particularly happens because the moisture content of the sweat full butt area creates a favorable condition for the thrives of acne bacteria leading to the growth of the immense amount of acne after some time. In this context cleaning and drying of the concerned location will be the only solution to avoid and relieve the acne breakout problem.


The shallow little bumps like acne on your buttocks areas develop due hair follicles inflammation, known as folliculitis. This type of inflammation occurs primarily due to infection caused by yeast, bacteria or fungus.

Apart from this such inflammation in buttocks develops due to hair follicles blockage caused by dead skin cells, irritation of the hair follicles, etc. It always develops on the skin surface and causes itching or irritation problem rather than painful.

Blocked Pores

Just like your facial acne, your butt acne can also be the result of pores blockage. The human body has pores all over their skin areas including bums too. Clogging may happen due to extra oil secretion from internal dermis that blocks the hair follicles leading to a breakout. Also, the accumulation of dead skin cells can too block your pores leading to acne growth on the butt area.

Apart from these conditions sometimes Acne vulgaris which is a common form of acne develops in teenagers and young adults due to overactive oil glands may spread towards buttocks from chest, shoulder and then back.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal level changes or fluctuations are one of the leading factors responsible for the butt acne or growth of acne at any other parts of the body. People who develop butt acne due to hormonal fluctuations need to take dermatologist help.

Only after proper medication, hormonal changes can be brought back to its normal state and the acne breakout can be reduced and removed effectively.


Stress or tension play a vital role in every sphere of health and that is one factor for causing butt acne breakout as well. Stress caused by busy daily lifestyle, personal relationship or due to any health concern all has the ability to cause bum acne.

However, a stress-related acne breakout can be treated by balancing your mood. Do such activities that can calm, relax and distress your mind. Yoga and meditation are two effective techniques that can relieve your chronic stress-induced butt acne problem. Mental and emotional well being and care is the key to improve your skin health and to make it clean and clear in a healthy way.


Some people are more susceptible to develop acne flare-up as it is in their gene. Means if any of your parent’s skin was acne-prone means throughout their life they faced recurrent acne issue then chances are high that those transferred genes in your body will make you more acne susceptible.

If genes are the reason behind your butt acne concern then you cannot do much about this. Yes, keeping your skin clear and using skincare products more carefully will help you in this regard and may reduce acne bacteria thrives.

Tight Clothing

People who wear tight clothing or restrictive clothing, their skin is more prone to develop the butt acne problem. This particularly happens because tight clothes don’t provide enough space for your skin to breath freely. Also, the friction happens on the skin creates rashes and then acne thrives occur in the butt area.

Apart from this synthetic undergarments are another wrong clothing choice can increase your chances of developing butt acne problem. So it’s better to choose light and cotton undergarments and to wear more loose clothes to avoid recurrent butt acne problem. Sitting for a prolonged period in the same posture may also cause butt acne problem.


Diets play a major role in causing different types of skin issues and same is responsible for causing butt acne problem as well. Certain foods are known to give a spike to acne growth such as foods rich in high sugar and skin milk etc. People who develop butt acne growth after the consumption of certain foods should avoid those particular foods intake to prevent and relieve butt acne problem.


butt acneThe treatment of butt acne problem will depend on the underlying reason or causes which give a boost to acne growth in this particular area of the body.

Benzoyl Peroxide

This is the most commonly recommended over the counter medications or products for treating butt pimples. The usage of benzoyl peroxide rich skincare products such as soap, cream, etc works very effectively in curing the butt acne problem. The benzoyl peroxide helps in relieving inflammation-induced bumps by reducing the intensity of inflammation with regular use.

Use the benzoyl peroxide rich soap gently over your affected area during the bath to clean it perfectly so that the breakout caused by follicles blockages can be reduced. Initially try this on an interval day and once you get confident that it is not causing a reaction on your skin then you can use it on a daily basis.

The benzoyl peroxide is good for acne treating but not everyone’s skin can tolerate it easily and it may react negatively too. So it’s better suggested to do a patch test first. If your skin doesn’t get red or rash in this patch test then you can apply over your butt pimples directly.

Exfoliating Creams

Over the counter, exfoliating creams that you can avail even without doctor’s prescription can help in treating butt pimples or acne issue. Exfoliation will help in cleaning the blockages of your follicles which cause breakouts.

Regular exfoliation can speed up the bump clearing process by clearing all blockages. Also, these creams speed up the cell turnover process along with maintaining the moisture level of your skin in a healthy way.

In the cases of more severe butt acne, problem prescription creams rich in tretinoin helps in relieving these acne problems in the butt. Apart from this, over the counter creams that you can avail without showing prescription rich remains rich in salicylic acid, lactic acid, and glycolic acid content, are effective in relieving butt acne problem.


Butt acne caused by severe infections is treated by oral antibiotics or topical antibiotics. In the cases where butt acne is more red, painful and swollen then doctor’s visit is must in these cases to treat such severe acne problems.

Butt acne problem caused by excessive sweating and accumulation of moisture level on the skin is treated with prescribed mediations such as Qbrexza. These medications will reduce the sweating intensity which further helps in reducing moisture level leading to relaxation from acne-causing bacteria thrives.


This is the more intensive form of treatment and at any situation must not be tried by own. Before starting this treatment your doctor will give you an oral antibiotic to fight with infections.

If your boils are not getting healed with other treatment procedures like compresses, exfoliating creams, etc then your doctor will lance the boils. The drainage of the treated area is done to release the pus in a very safe mode. After the lancing and draining the treated area is coved by a bandage for a few days. Lancing and draining must not be done by own at any condition.

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is used for treating butt acne skin diseases if other methods are not creating any significant result. The red light of LED penetrates the deeper skin area. It is used for massaging topical into the deeper affected area. It increases the effectiveness of topical treatment measures.

The red light of LED device helps in reducing inflammation problem such as swelling and redness and also help in improving the look and appearances of acne affected area of buttocks safely.

Home Remedies

You can treat your butt acne at your home itself with some effective remedies which are equally effective as over the counter medications. Moreover, these natural remedies are quite safe enough.


Exfoliate your affected skin area to clean the all dead skin cells which cause blockages and then breakout happens. Use a mild exfoliating product for cleansing the affected area. It will help in removing dirt and dead skin cells which blocks your follicles and then creates an infection.

You can use luffa or loofah for washing your affected skin. However, you should not use it on a regular basis otherwise it can cause rashes problem. Especially if you have inflamed skin then avoid using a harsh cleanser to exfoliate and don’t use them too often.

Avoid Scrubbing Your Bum

Scrubbing especially with abrasive products may more irritate your buttocks skin which is already inflamed and may make your butt acne more severe. So avoid using the stiff-bristled body brush and other such harsh products for scrubbing purpose. If your butt acne is painful or severely inflamed then avoid scrubbing completely.

Yes, exfoliation is vital but be very gentle while doing it and this will be only possible when you use only gentle scrubbing products. Use a soft nylon shower scrubber or soft washing cloth in order to wash and exfoliate the affected area for preventing the irritation or inflammation issue especially if you have tender or inflamed skin.

Apply Zinc Creams

You can apply the zinc-rich creams over your butt acne because the zinc mineral helps in reducing the acne signs by treating or curing the underlying concerns.

Prefer Wearing Loose-Fitting Clothes

Tight-fitting clothes are one of the leading factors that can cause butt pimples. Usually, the bacteria remain sits on your skin however when you wear a tight fit clothing they get rubbed with your skin pores leading to breakout happens.

So to get rid of your acne problem you should avoid wearing skinny jeans, nylon undergarments, etc. Instead, you should wear loose-fitting clothes and cotton undergarment so that your skin can breathe freely so that there will be no much sweating or moisture accumulation risk in the affected zone.

This trick will improve your acne appearance soon and will let it disappear completely after some time.

Keep Your Butt Clean

You can reduce and remove the acne bacteria thrives by keeping your butt area clean every time. For this, you should bath regularly with an antibacterial soap in order to clean the acne-causing bacteria.

If you have recurrent butt acne problem then you should clean your butt at least two times in a day like in morning and evening. Regular cleaning will clear all the dirt and bacteria completely and avoid bacteria buildup due to sweating or moisture accumulation.

Washing your butt with a good antibacterial soap will help in removing the sweat, oil, and dirt from your follicles which otherwise get blocked and causes a breakout. Hence the risk of developing folliculitis induced butt pimples in future decreases. People who exercise daily are also prone to develop acne because of excess body sweat.

So they should also maintain the habit of two times cleaning of their butt area to avoid the butt acne problem.

Use Hypoallergenic Laundry Products

Some people’s skin is extremely sensitive that it can even get affected by the laundry products used for cleaning their clothes and undergarments. If you are the one whose skin is sensitive to a certain laundry or fabric products then you should immediately avoid their usage completely to relieve your butt acne problem.

Laundry products such as dryer sheets, fabric softeners, detergent, etc are some common example of products which can increase your butt acne problem and may cause its recurrence risk if its application is not stopped. So to avoid this issue you must use always hypoallergenic laundry detergents and brands which will be safe for your skin type.

Apply Warm Washcloth Compress

You can apply a warm washcloth compress on your bumps which will work as a soother and calms the irritated, inflamed and sensitive skin area. Wet a washcloth into warm water and apply the damp cloth on your butt pimples. Make sure that water is not too hot.

This soothing warm cloth will open up the pores of the affected area and will help in draining out little bit pus and bacteria without popping or squeezing. This process will help you in getting rid of your butt acne problem soon. You can also take a warm water bath or sitz bath which will also help you in relieving the symptoms. After applying washcloth compress clean or wash the area very well.

Bath after Every Exercise Session

After an intense or long exercise session, your body is likely to drain with perspiration and this is the ideal time for acne bacteria growth in your butt area. So to avoid this concern make sure that after every exercise session you take a shower to clean all the dirt and sweat from your body.

Especially if you wear a tight workout cloth then it is more crucial that you bath thoroughly and pat your skin dry so that there will be no moisture left for acne bacteria thrive. Clean your workout clothes after every session and wear only washed clothes in every other workout day to avoid the dirt or bacteria spreading risk.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a very effective home remedy for treating butt acne. This medicinal property-rich oil contains many vital properties that can reduce the acne bacteria outbreaks and can decrease and remove your butt acne problem permanently.

As per the researches tea tree oil is equally effective for killing acne-causing bacteria as the benzoyl peroxide. Its antimicrobial property clears the inflamed area by killing all bacteria and ensures clear and inflammation free healthy skin naturally.

The natural tricks and tips mentioned above are some of the popular effective home remedies for butt acne that can make your buttocks skin naturally clear and healthier if you follow them on a regular basis.

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