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Why Women’s Takes Antidepressants More Than Men

Depression is getting one of the major health issues nowadays and the number of its patients is increasing rapidly. In today’s hi-tech world every one of us is running to fulfill our ambitions and this is the root cause of all the tension and worries. When we consider the surveys it is been proved that Women take more antidepressants than men and reasons are obvious.

Overthinking, less sleep in the night, unhealthy diet habits etc. play a very lead role in putting someone in depression. In our busy life schedule, we forget to give priority to ourselves and negligence towards our peace and health slowly and gradually keep us disturbing and angry.

Women are working successfully on every section of work in society. The burden of responsibilities of women is far greater than the men as they have to take care of their family or home place responsibility along with the work burden of office or other outside duty.

Depression is nothing but a state of mind which harnesses your feeling of happiness and throws you into the ocean of unnecessary deep thinking, hypertension and other mental problems.

It’s not that you cannot get rid of depression. There are many trusted antidepressants, which you can have after consulting with your psychiatrist. As the number of depressed women is far more than men so they are the highest consumer of these antidepressants pills.

Causes of Women’s to Take Antidepressants More Than Men:

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Women Are Victims of Sexual Harassment:

One of the major causes of depression in women which is come upon the surveys is considered the sexual harassment rate which is growing in society and in every corner of the world like fire.

Cases of rapes, abuse among teenagers and other section of women give birth to anxiety, stress and ultimately depression. The post effects of these sexual harassment cases are too worst for victim women.

They lose their respect and confidence and often break relation with society and even within family members. This totally breaks them internally and they lose their confidence to talk and mix with people. They found themselves as a guilty and this kind of negative thought become the biggest cause of generating depression among them.

This is the toughest and cruel phase of the victim women’s life. They need tender care and support from their closest friends and family to protect them from being a depression patient.

Take Over Stress:

Women are generally of much stress taking nature by birth than men and this over thinking nature become a reason to get a victim of depression. A man faces even a critical problem very lightly whereas women easily get panic and are deep thinkers than men which misbalance their mental peace and relief.

It is been cleared in many surveys that a woman mostly gets affected by a serious event than man and destroys to their mental health. Also, it is seen that women have to face some circumstances in life whereas men remain unfamiliar out of these issues and hence their mental health don’t get affected.

Sexual harassment of their own or their children and some kind of domestic violence are some major concerns which a woman is likely to face in life. This secretly causes them to fall into depression.

In the initial life, stage responsibilities and burden are other some factors which cause stress to them. Like work responsibilities of little kids, parents and office responsibilities for working women gives stress to her separately. This overburden work pressure causes depression to them and this is the reason why women take more antidepressants than men to get cured.

Parental Responsibilities:

The burden of responsibility or in better precise term consciousness for parental duties are seen in women more than men. Women play a dual role as per the parental responsibilities are concerned. They have to look for everything for taking care of their child.

Even man also does care for their kids and bare other responsibilities for the growing child but when we look for the duties of women, we find them much more dedicated and concerned towards the parental responsibilities.

This overburden of responsibilities causes anxiety and mental stress leading the women become a patient of depression and antidepressants consumer.

This is more likely to be seen in single mothers with young kids who have to work hard in their life cycle in order to fulfill all her parental responsibility. She has to run for earning money along with giving care to her kids. This dual performance in life causes anxiety and later on, she has to take antidepressants for stabilizing her mind.

Hypertension, anxiety, ADHD, and others mental concerns are seen to be natural outcome due to the parental responsibilities of women. Some small-small issues of day to day life takes a chronic form as the time passes on and this resulted in depression.

Environmental Factors:

Different aspects by which a woman is attached with can cause a feeling of sadness, disheartened and disregard if the expectation doesn’t get fulfilled over there like in a relationship, in colleges, schools, in working place, society etc.

We all want to love and respect in our life these are primary two requirements behind the happiness and pleasing personality of a woman. If the different aspects of life are not satisfactory then it can causes mood disorder, sadness and other negative feelings too and finally it takes the forms of depression.

The dissatisfaction in a relationship makes a woman feel disheartened and simply kills her desires and feeling of happiness. The mental disorder often gets the form of physical problems such as body pain, tiredness, digestive issues etc.

Gender Gap Theory:

Depression occurs due to continuously mood disorder and the gender gap theory says that a woman is more likely to face mood disorder in the different stages of her life and this ultimately makes her a victim of depression.

The physical differences between a man and a woman lead to a difference in their level of thinking too and that is why it is often seen that women get more panic in a difficult situation than men.

The very first hormonal change occur in women’s body at her first phase of the life cycle which MC or period. This may be started at the age of 11 also. The changes in hormones during this point of time cause mood disorder in girls in every month. This small event might take the chronic form in future.

The same thing happens during or after the pregnancy which is also called as post pregnancy effects. Different hormonal changes during this stage of women along with parental responsibility make her overburdened and this cause mental disorder in her.

During the long menopause stage of women, hormonal changes occur in her body which also affect her mind too. Regular fluctuation in hormones causes anxiety, irritation, stress, mood disorder and all these factors lead her to be an antidepressants pills taker.

There is not any assured proof of mental disorder in women due to hormonal changes but several studies are considering that it is an important factor which affects her mind.

Unbalanced Sexual life:

Unbalanced or irregularity in sexual life plays a major role creating mood disorder in women and henceforth they take antidepressants pills in order to get rid of depression.

The irregularity in sex life makes a woman hysterical and ultimately throws her in depression. Sex life affects a woman both physically and mentally. When it affects her body then she becomes the patient of many chronic diseases too but when the effect is mental it leads her to depression or mental disorder.

It is been seen that even the married women get hysterical and this most probably because of dissatisfaction or irregularity in sex life. So it is suggested to maintain proper and necessary balance in sex life which can save you from many mental diseases.

For married but single women the cases of hysteria are very common to be seen. They can take help of pelvic massage from recognized technicians. This is only recommended for women who have marital status.

Treatment of Depression:

As the cases of mental disorder, anxiety and depression are crossing its normal rate of the level there occurs the need and requirement of its appropriate and result oriented treatment procedures. Many trusted surveys have made it proof that the women take more antidepressants than men of the total population of any country.

As this health hazard is related to mind so it needs complete patience and devotion to getting rid out of it. If you are also a victim of depression then don’t make any further delay. Visit any recognized psychiatrist for the treatment and leads a healthy and pleasing life.

  • Basically, the treatment procedure for both men and women is same. In the initial phase which is an acute phase, the aim is to get relieved the patient from the symptoms of depression. This phase lasts for six to twelve months.
  • The next phase is the continuation phase where the aim is to treat the patient by making changes in medication doses. This phase may last for more than twelve months.
  • The last phase which is maintenance phase physiotherapy is conducted and changes in medication doses are done to relieve the patient from relapse.

The success of treatment procedures totally depends on the response of patient who is undergoing this procedure. Mostly depression patients get relieved through antidepressants and physiotherapy. Now we will discuss thoroughly these important two anti-depression tools.

The Antidepressants Technique:

AntidepressantsAntidepressants are pills for curing the patient with mental disorder or depression. If we consider the data of surveys women take more antidepressants with a comparison to men and they successfully get relieved also from their mental sickness.

Overstress and burden of over responsibilities create the feeling of insecureness, security, and sadness among women. All these negative mental feelings slowly and gradually throw the women in depression.

But thankfully there are some trusted and successful antidepressants pills which work faster on mental issues. Though complete relief is quite difficult to be achieved then also out of hundred 65 to 85% of women get relieved by taking these pills.

The first medication which is recommended is to control the serotonin system which primarily affects the anxiety, aggression, arousal, mood and other mental difficulties. Some of the serotonin antidepressants include sertraline, fluoxetine, citalopram etc. Apart from serotonin system these antidepressants also throw its positive influence on neurotransmitter system.

Other than these medicines other types of antidepressants medicines have also existed which works in other ways. Like bupropion medicine work along the neurotransmitters norepinephrine & dopamine, mirtazapine helps in the transmission of serotonin and norepinephrine, duloxetine & venlafaxine helps in inhibiting the norepinephrine & serotonin.

The monoamine oxidase inhibitors and tricyclic antidepressants are some of the oldest drugs of depression which rarely get prescribed but still works positively for some women.

Though these antidepressants diminish the depression issue these are not free of any side effects. Like serotonin, intake creates problems in sexual response in women. It hampers their desire and also affects the organism.

The regular intake of antidepressants apart from affecting sex life also generates other medical problems gastric disorder, fatigue, pain, and discomforts.. The MAOI antidepressants cause insomnia, sedation, overweight and dizziness.

The TCAs antidepressants causes’ constipation, dehydration etc. issues as its side effects. The best precaution against these side effects is hit and trial process. You can try each of antidepressants after consulting with the doctor to find out which one is the best suitable for you.

The Psychotherapy Technique:

Psychotherapy is another effective way to cure both men and women for curing them out of depression. This therapy passes through three different stages. Some patients get healed out of first psychotherapy technique only whereas some women get healed through the mixing effort of all three therapies.

  • The first one is cognitive behavioral therapy. Under this therapy, the negatives thoughts are been tries to throw out of the mind of the patient. Thoughts which have captured the mind of the patient and made her discouraged, unconfident etc. Such as “No one likes me”, “I am wrong”, “I cannot do anything” etc.
  • The second one is interpersonal therapy. This therapy focuses on the relationship problems which creates conflict in the mind of the patient. Like the loss of trust, the expectation from the love ones, overburden work issue at the new office, feeling of isolation etc. Under this therapy sessions are conducted once in a week and goes for many months.
  • The third one is psychodynamic therapy. Under this therapy full history of the patient is examined to find out the real pain area. This includes going through the patient’s old and current relationship condition, ambition, and desires, social effects. In this, therapy the psychiatrists makes the patient aware and help them to overcome of his or her subconscious mind’s conflict, expectations and other hidden feelings.

As it is been proved that the Women take more antidepressants than men so its suggested to all the ladies to get conscious about the reasons of depression and as much as possible should try to share their thoughts and problems with their near and dear ones so that due to overthinking nature they don’t have to take doses of antidepressants.

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