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    Importance Of Healthy Body For A Healthy Mind

    by Shan

    There has been a saying in Latin that has come down as one of the verbal treasures of human civilization – a sound mind in a sound body. It has always been emphasized through all the ancient civilizations in the world and supported by modern medicines that one needs to have a healthy body for a healthy mind. There are several aspects of mental health whose positive development or retardation depends largely on the condition of physical health of a person. The body needs to have a strong sustenance and support system that can provide the same to the mind and its tribulations at various levels. However physical health cannot be simply maintained with good food and healthy diet. You will need some additional basis for good health.

    Exercises and a healthy lifestyle can be the first step towards a healthy body for a healthy mind. This is the perfect means of keeping the blood circulation balanced and in good condition within the body. It leads to the burning of excess fat which is essential to remove excess weight and malfunction of organs in the body. Additionally the bodily exertion through the health fitness regime can also burn out the excess mental energy that is also generated through the day. For instance if you go to work every day there are matters that can lead to several emotions like anger, fear, tensions and troubled minds among others; when you are exercising or even taking long brisk walks at the end of each day the exertion is relieving you of all the stress that had earlier build itself up.

    There are therapeutic aspects of yoga and meditation that may also be helpful in your efforts to maintain a healthy body for a healthy mind. There are observations that when we have a bruise on our body we can see it and easily attend to it to prevent further severity and infection. However there are instances when the same may happen with our mind but since we can’t see the same it is left unattended. Mental rest and ease is the key to your good health which is why yoga and meditation has remained one of the popular therapies through ancient ages. In this you sit cross legged and rest the palms of your hand on the bended knees. Close your eyes and focus on the darkness and the blank that is created inside. It helps you to concentrate and after a while relieves your mind of all the excess baggage of thoughts it is carrying around.

    At the beginning of each day you need to feel refreshed and ready to fulfill your personal and professional goals. For this your body cannot feel lethargic and unfit to move because that will hamper the process of work that your mind is already up to. Diet and a regular schedule of fitness exercises can work wonders to keep you agile and ensure perfect coordination of the mind and the body.

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    Article by Shan

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