Tips For Permanent Weight Loss and Better Health

The New Year is just around the corner, which means making New Years resolutions and welcoming a fresh start. Making goals is a great way to focus on what is really important to you.

But experts say that New Years resolutions are sometimes discouraging and don’t work. If you want them to stick, focus on what is really important to you. For example if a goal of yours is to lose weight, then ask yourself is it to lose weight or to feel healthy and vibrant?

Start by taking a mental snap shot of how you feel right now. After the holidays pass many people feel bloated, depleted and sugared out. Which makes health a number one priority for so many resolution makers.

Big lofty health goals, like losing a large chunk of weight, or cutting out unhealthy habits, like quitting smoking or soda intake can become overwhelming. Sometimes it helps to take baby steps towards the bigger picture. Here are easy ways to start making change today. By taking small steps towards your bigger goal you will most likely reach it faster.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off for good, do not focus on the number on the scale. Studies show that focusing on how well your cloths fit will be a better indicator of your progress. Everybody is built differently so it is important to not compare yourself to others either.

Start by taking mini steps, and focus on the present moment. If you turn to food when you are bored, or stressed consider switching the routine up. Go for a mini walk around the office or neighborhood before you open up the fridge for mindless munching.  The fresh air and moment will refresh your body. While you are away ask yourself if you are really hungry, and why you want to eat. Sit with those feelings and feel them, let them pass through you and you will feel lighter.

Taking mini steps such as drinking more water will help you feel more full faster as well. Remember to focus on the good things you are doing for yourself. If you worked out for 20 minutes congratulate yourself even if you normally go for 45 minutes. Any little bit helps, and treating yourself with kindness and respect will help you achieve your goal faster.

Many overweight and obese people suffer from many health problems including bad breath. By paying more attention to your diet you can start to see an incredible improvement in your overall health. Adding more natural foods and curbing proceed eats is a great place to start. Brush your teeth regularly to remove unwanted food particles and plaque build up will also help remove unwanted odors. Taking care of yourself is a snowball effect. When you focus on feeling good you want more of the feel good feelings so being healthy all the time will be no problem.

Shannon Kaiser is a wellness, lifestyle writer who writes for many online and print publications. For tips on getting a healthy smile visit Dr. William Elliott, Dentist in Oregon City.



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