Get Bright Smile With Holiday Tan

Tips to Get Bright Smile With Holiday Tan : Tips to Get Rid of Tan Naturally

Summer season is already on the head and still, if you are not ready with your summer season beauty regimen then nothing to worry as we are here with some tips to give you a bright smile with holiday tan. Yes, you heard absolutely right you can enhance the beauty of your face with white, brighten and shiny teeth.

The weather of summer is full of heat, suntan and sunburn problems which call for high protection to be maintained so that our beauty doesn’t get hampered in the lack of care. Skin is the highly exposed area which gets affected from the UV rays of the sun which is harmful to the skin can even cause cancer but thank God our teeth are safe as they don’t get affected by tan anyway.

Now you must be thinking that how tan is going to give a bright smile to you. My dear friend, nowadays there are several dermatologist technologies which use the suntan with other dental chemicals to convert your stained and yellowish teeth into white and brighter look.

Now no more headache to hide your teeth and your smile due to your stained teeth in this summer holiday because there are multiple options that can change the complete look of your teeth within a few days.

It is important to clear your concept regarding UV rays effect on you. The rays of the sun are the natural source of vitamin D and it is good for our skin and teeth (not tongue and gums)health if we grasp it in a limited quantity as it makes our bone stronger and ensures healthy skin. But yes this is only good in a protected way, unsafe and overexposure can damage your skin badly resulting in untimely wrinkle appearance and discoloration issue.

Nowadays UV rays are used in a protected way to improve the appearance of teeth very safely. This helps to enhance the beauty of your face which is accompanied by a brighter, whiten and attractive teeth.

How to Care Teeth in Summer Time

bright smile with holiday tanWhen it comes to beauty and its care we hardly think about our teeth considering it as less important which is wrong. With dull and stain teeth no one can give a smile with confidence as it is a matter of shy. So if you are busy with your summer beauty regimen without including teeth care in this then it is time to rethink. Here are some simple solutions for you to give the complete care of your teeth in this summer.

Always Guard your Mouth

Summer is the time for an outing, picnic, and outdoor games but in all these fun you cannot deteriorate your teeth health at any cost. However, you can guard your teeth at a very little expense by wearing a mouth guard whenever you will go out.

This mouth guard is very comfortable so even if you wear it for long hours then also it will not annoy you or irritate you. This will preserve your teeth health by keeping it protected from the external pollution and dust which remains in the environment. Also, harsh sun rays will not be able to enter in your mouth which might harm to your tongue and jawline.

Keep Your Teeth Hydrated

By keeping our teeth hydrated every time you can give a proper care to it this summer. This hot and clumsy weather makes our mouth dry due to extreme dryness in weather every time. So it’s quite usual your mouth needs extra water for keeping it hydrated and wet.

A well-hydrated mouth stays rich with saliva an important element that protects our teeth from unusual decay and gum damaging. On the other hand, when you drink enough amount of water your teeth remain hydrated and also saliva is produced in a good amount, so there will be no fear of dryness, bad breath, and teeth decay.

Protection While Swimming

It’s quite usual that you would like to spend some of your time in cold swimming water pool for soothing your body and mind but make sure that you are ready with after swimming care of your teeth and body.

Swimming pool water remains rich with chlorine that can easily cause a stain in your teeth when this water will get enter in your mouth. So it is important that you are cleaning your mouth with paste and clean water when you come out of the pool water otherwise it will weaken your gums and teeth easily.

Don’t Use Your Teeth as Opener

Cold drink and summer season connection is quite usual as we often consider it as first priority to get relief from this hot, sticky and exhausting weather, whether we are relaxing inside the home or traveling somewhere. So if you are also addicted of this soft drink then make sure that you are not using your teeth as a bottle opener as it can even cause small breakdown of your teeth.

Brushing & Flossing

Above all other care and special protection during summer of your teeth make sure that you are giving usual care and hygiene of your teeth. Two times brushing and flossing at least once in a day is essential for cleaning of your teeth and mouth completely.

Tips for Getting Rid of Tan Naturally

Getting Rid of TanAn overexposure of our skin under the harsh and harmful UV rays of the sun, especially in the summer season when the sun heat remains in its strongest rate, can damage your skin especially by giving it tan. A tanned skin looks uneven with respect to its color which is no doubt a negative mark of your beauty.

If you are also a victim of suntan and don’t want to wait for a very long time to get back your flawless, clear and charming beauty then here is the solution to your problem. Below we have enlisted some best home remedies which will reduce and remove your tan completely in a natural way.

Drink Plenty Amount of Water

The best solution to keep yourself protected from tan in the summer season whether you are already attacked by tan or not yet attacked, under both situation one simple thing that you can do is by drinking plenty amount of water every day.

In the lack of necessary water especially in the summertime, our body easily gets dehydrated which makes our skin weaker and tan prone. When your body remains fit and strong then even if you come in the contact of the sun for some time it won’t harm you much.

So keep your body hydrated by drinking at least 7 to 8 glasses of water every day or more than that. Drinking water in the empty stomach when you wake up in the morning is beneficial for your overall good health. It not only prevents suntan but also helps to keep your digestive system in good condition.

Wear Hat and Long Sleeves

Wearing some protective apparels and clothing can prevent the risk of suntan to the great extent. In this regard, long or big hats come in the first priority as this can cover your face and head by providing a good range of shade to you when you will go out in the daytime.

Apart from hats some other protective clothing that you should wear in order to protect yourself from the unnecessary sun tan issue are long sleeve clothing to cover your hands, light color dresses which distract UV rays of the sun, sunglasses to cover your eyes as sun exposure can cause eye’s burning and redness etc.

So enjoy your summer vacation and outing up to full extent without any fear of your skin damaging with these safe clothing and apparels which will not only ensure your skin protection but also will provide you a trendy and stylish look.

Apply Sunscreen Frequently

Whatever moisturizer you generally use for your skin is not going to work in the summertime as this is the peak season for solar heat and burn. So you need especial SPF protected sunscreen and moisturizer. These lotions and moisturizers protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun which is the biggest source of skin damage.

Also, only one or two-time application is not enough to protect you throughout the day. You need to apply your sunscreen frequently for full coverage and total protection. Make sure that you are applying your sunscreen at each 2 to 3 hours of interval.

Apart from this be liberal while applying your sunscreen. A very little amount will easily get absorbed so apply it in a thicker quantity as it will last longer and ensure better safety.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is an herbal plant which is rich with several essential features and benefits for your skin. The gel extracted from the leaf of this plant remains very cool and it offers instant benefit for your skin especially if it damaged by suntan or sunburn.

Aloe Vera gel is a natural exfoliator which stimulates your skin and enables it to heal and replenish naturally and fastest possible time. Whenever you come from any outside place in the daytime apply this gel on your face as it will work instantly and will heal the burns if your skin is affected by it.

If there is an aloe vera plant at your home then it is well and good as you can extract the pure and natural gel by cutting its leaf and can extract the gel with the help of a spoon. Even though you don’t have this plant at your home then also there is nothing to worry about it as you can buy this gel ready from the market and apply it on daily basis to prevent suntan and burning in this summer season.

Cucumber Paste

Cucumber is a watery fruit which can easily fulfill the need of water in your body. It will hydrate and soothe your eyes, skin, and neck which are the primary areas that get affected with sunburn and suntan.

For preparing cucumber paste first you need to take cucumber juice, one egg white and two tablespoons of powdered milk in a bowl. Now mix it well to get a smoother mixture. Apply it over the affected area or over the whole face. Leave it for a half hour and then rinse it well.

Reapply this paste every day for getting the fastest effect to overcome your tan naturally and healthy way. If your skin is oily then don’t use powdered milk in this paste instead you can use rose water in it.

Mint and Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood powder helps to lighten your skin tone also it reduces the uneven tone of your skin due to sun tan. It is known for its healing properties as it is rich with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Mint is an herbal plant which is known for its cooling effect for our skin and body.

For preparing the paste of mint and sandalwood powder first you have to take two to three tbsp. of mint juice and two tbsp. of sandalwood powder. Mix it well and when it is ready, apply it over the affected area. Leave it for twenty minutes and then wash it off with cold water. This natural and healthy paste will heal your sunburn, irritation, rashes and uneven tone rapidly.

Honey and Orange Juice

Honey is a natural exfoliator which rejuvenates your skin cells and helps to restore its original health. On the other hand, orange is a great source of Vitamin C and it is rich with water content which helps to remove the dryness of your skin and adds glow and fairness.

For preparing the paste of honey and orange you need to take one tablespoon of honey and then add three tbsp. of orange juice to it. Mix it well then take a cotton and dip it in this mixture. Now apply it gently on your affected area (tanned skin). Leave it for 15 minutes so that mixture gets absorbed by your skin well for healing it. After 15 minutes wash your skin with the cold water.

This paste will remove your suntan, rashes, dryness, sunburn, and irritation with its cooling and soothing effect. Use this paste every day until you get a positive result.

We hope this article will be helpful for you for making your summer trip vacation more joyful along with complete safety in all respect. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start preparing for your vacation by keeping a bright smile with holiday tan.

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