PMS symptoms vs. Pregnancy symptoms

PMS Symptoms vs. Pregnancy Symptoms : Things You should be Aware

Premenstrual syndrome or PMS sign indicates the occurrence of the period after few days or after a week whereas symptoms of pregnancy occur due to initial stage changes occurred due to a successful implantation by the fertilized egg. Most of the signs in both the cases are similar however going through the deep parameter of PMS symptoms vs. Pregnancy symptoms you can get the differences.

You should aware of some important things regarding the symptoms of both these incident so that you can well aware that when you are cramping due to period and which cramp is a sign of your pregnancy.

In many cases, it is found that women resemble the sign of pregnancy with the period signs and this can keep them away from early stage doctor’s consultation which is necessary to be done on right time as it is a doctor who can guide you further, what you need to do and what not.

Major Differences between PMS symptoms and Pregnancy symptoms

  PMS symptoms vs. Pregnancy symptomsMenstrual cycle occurs in the interval of one month until a woman reaches to her menopause stage. The period is nothing but an initial stage preparation by the body for preparing her reproductive system to successfully give birth to a child one day.

This is the reason most of the symptoms of PMS are similar to the symptoms of pregnancy which makes confusion in the initial days of pregnancy. However, if you will be well aware of some important differences between both of them you can well recognize to you pregnancy signs and will not miss this good news in the earlier days.


 PMS: Under PMS condition, you will not notice any kind of spotting from vaginal or bleeding until the menstrual flow starts. Only when your period started you will notice bleeding or thick flow till the days the period lasts. Sometimes its consistency remains low sometimes high up to 5 to 6 days of whole menstrual days in a month.

Pregnancy: In the case of early days of pregnancy you will notice pink or dark brown color spotting at the time of implantation when an embryo successfully attaches itself to the uterus lining. This spotting lasts for 1 to 2 days but not for a week.

Implantation occurs after 10 to 14 days of conception. The spotting is quite different from the period days bleeding as it doesn’t come with a flow. At the certain time you will notice spotting and another time there will be nothing to be marked. Its lesser quantity can’t even fill a pad or tampon.

Cramp in Pelvic and Abdomen Area

PMS: Severe cramping happens in the pelvis and abdomen area before period. When the blood flow starts the severity of cramp decreases and after the end of the period this pain gets vanished. The cramping style and severity vary from person to person also it depends upon the genetic effect and the body system.

Pregnancy: Mild Cramping occurs when a fertilized egg implants to the uterus lining also some spotting is noticed here. Stomach cramp and back pain you can experience for months which obviously lasts longer than the PMS cramp or pain.

Sensitivity in Breasts

PMS: Under Premenstrual syndrome your breast becomes tender, swollen during the second half of the period cycle. The tenderness varies from mild to intense. The breast tissue gets bumpy and dense in its outer portion.

One can also feel breast fullness and tenderness along with a good range of pain. During the period days and right after the period days this pain increases because of a decrease in the quantity of progesterone hormone.

Pregnancy: In the initial days of pregnancy soreness, tenderness and sensitivity occur in your breast. It feels heavier and fuller than the normal days. It happens after one to two weeks of your conceiving and lasts for a while. As at the time of pregnancy the level of progesterone hormone increases so it causes to swollen and tenderness.


PMS: Fatigue or tiredness is quite usual to occur in the case of PMS which starts before few days of period and ends when your starts bleeding. Also, this fatigue causes trouble in sleeping. However, by doing some exercises you can relieve these symptoms of fatigue and trouble sleeping.

Pregnancy: In the case of pregnancy your body feels fatigue because of the increased level of progesterone hormone. This fatigue behavior remains at a pick in the first trimester and can last up to the nine months of pregnancy to some extent.

You should have healthy and well-balanced food to get rid of this fatigue also sleeps for enough time for improving your condition.

Mood Swings

PMS: Mood swing is another symptom of PMS which get vanished once your period days ends. You can feel like sadness, irritation, energy-less, anxious etc. All these mood swings occur due to changes in hormone at this point in time. You can take the help of yoga or meditation to get relief from these temporary mental issues.

Pregnancy: Mood changes or swing is common during the period of pregnancy and it lasts up to your delivery time. Feelings like excitement, happiness, tension, sadness occur on different occasions. You will be more emotional at this particular time.

However, if the feeling of sadness and negativity lasts for the long span of time then don’t ignore it as it might cause depression. Consult with your doctor regarding your mood swing, they will guide you better.

Food Cravings

PMS: When you are in your PMS you will have intense cravings especially for some foods. This remains quite different from your usual eating desire for food. You will suddenly feel a craving for chocolates, sweets, sugar, salty food items, carbohydrates. This kind of craving doesn’t occur when you are pregnant.

Pregnancy: During the pregnancy period you become choosier towards food and your craving style remains indifferent throughout the journey of pregnancy. Suddenly you will start hating to some foods that used to be your favorite; you might not like their taste, smell etc.

You might vomit to see some of the foods. At this point in time craving for nutrition free items arises such as dirt, metal pieces, dried paint flakes, ice etc. If you also feel a craving for these nutrition-less items during your pregnancy time then consult with your doctor. These specific cravings last till the pregnancy period and sometimes even after the few months of pregnancy.


PMS: In general during PMS, symptoms like nausea and vomiting do not develop even if you are delaying the period date. Under the situation of digestive problem, you can face these issues but it doesn’t happen because of your period.

Pregnancy: Nausea and vomiting are one of the primary symptoms of pregnancy and in the early days of pregnancy these symptoms remain at its peak. Sudden internal changes in the body caused by acidity as your body’s digestive function gets disturbed at this point of time causing frequent vomiting.

Sickness in the morning time happens quite often because of hormonal level changes in your body. It is quite natural also as because the changes which your body is trying to adapt now affects your body’s temperature hence morning sickness occur.

Morning sickness develops after one month of your implantation. It is not common to all pregnant women; also in some women, it can be accompanied by vomiting whereas some women only feel morning sickness without vomiting.

Pimples & Acne

PMS: Pimples and acne get developed in many ladies during PMS which get vanished after few days of the period. So the pimples or acne occurrence becomes the specific symbol to these women for their period. Sometimes these skin issues get disappear along with the period.

Pregnancy: In the initial days of pregnancy pimples or acne appears on the skin of some ladies which lasts for the longest time. This is the major difference between PMS and early pregnancy days symptoms as in the case of PMS these skin issues easily gets disappear whereas in case of pregnancy these skin problems last longer and even left with skin darkening problem.


PMS: The intestinal function gets disturbed due to hormonal changes during the PMS but as you have control over your muscles, so you can prevent acidity from letting out.

Pregnancy: During pregnancy, the intestinal function remains disturbed causing acidity for a very long time and as you have no control over your muscles so you cannot stop gases to let out.


PMS: In some women, headache develops as a PMS sign which gets vanished shortly. Also, the pain remains mild.

Pregnancy: Lots of changes in the hormonal level causes a sudden headache that lasts for a very long period during pregnancy. Sometimes the headache gets severe.


PMS: Spotting is a rare condition seen during the PMS. In the rarest case spotting occurs with cramp.

Pregnancy: In the very initial days of the pregnancy women experiences spotting with mild pain in the abdomen which disappears within few days.

Causes of Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS

 After knowing about Premenstrual syndrome or PMS it is important to understand the reasons or causes behind the symptoms of PMS. The changes in the endocrine system at this point of time are considered by the researches as the causes of PMS.

Some specific situations make the PMS effect without any kind of direct relation or cause. Some of these situations are mentioned below.

Lack of Sleep:

Lack of sufficient sleep during the Premenstrual syndrome or PMS causes its symptoms. With sound and enough sleep during this period, one can relieve its symptom.

Intense Migraine Pain:

At the time of PMS, your migraine pain gets severe and intense if you are already a migraine patient. After PMS the pain get disappears.


If you are a patient of asthma then mostly you will feel its intense effect before the starting of the period or during PMS.


Women who have certain kind of allergies, the situation gets worse during the Premenstrual syndrome or PMS.


Sadness and feeling of loneliness or demotivation get intense to the women who are a patient of depression. This needs to be consulted with the doctor. A proper treatment can relieve you from this situation.

Extreme Caffeine and Alcohol Consumption

Extra doses of caffeine consumption can lead to the symptoms of Premenstrual syndrome or PMS which can be relieved by avoiding the consumption of caffeine for the time being.

Alcohol consumption before period days cause the symptoms of the Premenstrual syndrome.

Unique Symptoms or Signs of Pregnancy

 There are few symptoms which are specific to pregnancy only and it doesn’t happen in a woman who is not pregnant. By looking at and considering these unique signs too you can be very sure about your early pregnancy news. The symptoms are described under the following points.

Dark Nipples

During the pregnancy time, the level of estrogen hormone gets increased which causes to enlarge the nipple or Areola. With time this expansion leads to darkening of the nipple or areola. This darkness lasts throughout the pregnancy period and even after few months after the delivery.

Breathing Shortness

In the initial days of pregnancy, you will often feel shortness of breathing which happens because the embryo developing in your sac also needs oxygen. This extra need of oxygen in your body causes breathing shortness and discomfort.

Increased Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

At the time of ovulation, the Basal Body Temperature gets increased by .5 to 1.5 for the minimum of 18 days which prepares you to conceive successfully. This increased BBT rate remains to continue till the whole period of pregnancy.

Some women’s BBT gets increased during the PMS but it decreases when the period starts.

Changes in the Cervical Mucus

Changes in cervical mucus are observed if any lady conceives successfully during the ovulation time. The mucus gets white, thin and milky of the pregnant woman whereas at the time of PMS the mucus remains transparent.

We hope the PMS symptoms vs. Pregnancy symptoms described here have made its concepts clear to you. However, it must be said that in order to get confirmed news of your pregnancy if you are getting its symptoms, try home pregnancy test kits as it will well clear your doubt by detecting HCG existing in your urine.

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