Different Types of Pregnancy Loss

Different Types of Pregnancy Loss : Ways to Prevent Miscarriage

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moment or stage for a woman but due to some unwanted circumstances, some women have to face the pregnancy loss or miscarriage which is really very painful. Miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy is very common and most of the women face this kind of pregnancy loss. However, this loss is not limited to this reason only and there exist different types of pregnancy loss which are described in this article.

Most of the three-trimester miscarriage occurs due to careless behavior of the pregnant women. This is a very tender stage and even a small or trifling mistake can be a reason for this big loss of your life.

Other types of pregnancy losses occur due to the different medical condition of the pregnant lady or due to the occurrence of some unnatural pregnancy condition which is needed to be aborted intentionally by the doctors in order to save the life of the pregnant lady.

Whatever reason may be for the pregnancy loss it is always painful both mentally and physically. However, if someone is staying aware of the different reason and stages of miscarriage then it can protect them from further health damages by initially taking some needed step.

Different Types of Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy lossAn unsuccessful pregnancy which is not accomplished to its end by giving birth to a baby known as pregnancy loss or miscarriage. Out of 100 pregnancies 15 to 20 % pregnancy ends with pregnancy loss with different symptoms and reasons. Here we will discuss different types of pregnancy losses.

Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy happens when a fertilized egg implants itself to any other place instead of the uterus so the growth of the fertilized egg disrupted in the lack of necessary nutrients and enough place to grow for the fertilized embryo.

The uterus is the exact place where normally a fertilized egg implants itself which is called normal pregnancy. Under the condition of ectopic pregnancy instead of the uterus, the fertilized egg implants itself to the fallopian tissue or any other place which cannot be survived longer and as soon as it starts growing it develops unusual symptoms like a severe cramp, dizziness, vaginal bleeding etc.

Ectopic pregnancy is not a normal pregnancy and this needs to be terminated as soon as it is detected by the doctors.

Chemical Pregnancy

The chemical pregnancy is a very early stage pregnancy loss which happens around 4th to 5th week of the pregnancy. Under this kind of pregnancy loss, most of the pregnant women remain unaware of their pregnancy. At this stage even ECG test also cannot detect about the pregnancy but as the home pregnancy test kit are very advanced and efficient so they can detect very easily to it.

The chemical pregnancy particularly happens because the fertilized egg remains very weak and cannot grow further due to chromosomal abnormalities hence this early stage pregnancy ends up with little bleeding and slight cramp.

Most of the women under this kind of pregnancy loss get their miscarriage bleeding on the date of their next period date and time or a little bit further to the next period date so they consider it as normal cramp and bleeding of the period.

Molar Pregnancy

The molar pregnancy occurs due to a genetic error during the process of fertilization. This is an abnormal pregnancy in which tissues in uterus grow abnormally causing miscarriage at any point of time during the first trimester of pregnancy.

In the case of molar pregnancy, a mass or non-cancerous tumor grows in uterus abnormally which can be dangerous if not treated in the early stage. This is a rare case of pregnancy and cannot grow successfully whether it has an embryo or not. As soon as it is detected it needs to be removed through surgery for the safety of the pregnant women.


Stillbirth is not like a normal miscarriage. In the case of this kind of pregnancy loss, a baby takes birth with almost no signs of aliveness. This particularly happens after 20th to 24th week of the pregnancy. Out of 200 women, only 1 woman faces this kind of pregnancy loss.

In this case, a baby dies during the late pregnancy known as intrauterine death. It is also known as fetal death This kind of pregnancy loss doesn’t affect to the next pregnancy and the woman can be pregnant normally next time and can give birth to a healthy child without any complications.

In this kind of pregnancy, the baby dies in the womb. As per the doctors, some potential reasons for this kind of pregnancy losses are placenta problems, infection, high blood pressure of pregnant woman, certain medical complications, birth defects, pregnancy complications etc.

Blighted Ovum

The blighted ovum is one of the common forms of miscarriage or pregnancy loss that happens around first three trimesters of pregnancy. Under this kind of pregnancy loss, a fertilized egg successfully attaches itself to the uterus lining but is unable to develop into an embryo causing termination of the pregnancy.

Under this kind of pregnancy, some women don’t even aware of their pregnancy news and it ends up naturally. Whereas in certain cases this needs to end up with dilation process known as D&C. This kind of pregnancy is also known as anembryonic pregnancy as it never converted into an embryo.

Neonatal Infant Loss or Death

The neonatal infant loss or death occurs due to the premature birth of a baby, or due to birth defects or because of the very lesser weight of the newly born baby that he or she cannot survive longer. This also comes under the category of pregnancy loss.

The baby dies within 28 days from the birth. If any woman faces this kind of pregnancy loss then she needs a proper consultation with the doctor in order to be aware its reason so that it won’t affect to her second-time pregnancy and baby’s birth.

First Trimester Pregnancy Loss

First-trimester pregnancy loss or miscarriage is the most common form of pregnancy loss. This is a tender stage and one small mistake can be a reason for the miscarriage. It ends up with severe bleeding, cramp and few other symptoms.

If any woman faces the first-trimester miscarriage then it is important for her to consult with the doctor for getting aware of the reasons of pregnancy failure, the risk factor for health and other complications if exits for the future pregnancy. A proper treatment will help you to establish a successful pregnancy as well as childbirth in the future.

Second Trimester Pregnancy Loss

The second-trimester pregnancy loss is not as common as the first-trimester loss but still, it happens because of different reasons. A pregnancy loss after the 12th weeks and before or just around the 24th weeks comes under this category.

The lifespan of the fetus ends up with sudden cramp and bleeding in this kind of late miscarriage which is really very heartbreaking and emotional cramp. After crossing 20th weeks of pregnancy, only 5% chances lies for miscarriage which is also called as spontaneous abortion.

This is a rare case of miscarriage which primarily happens because of chromosomal abnormalities, placental issues, and congenital birth defects. It can also happen due to some other external factors.

Preterm Delivery due to Cervical Insufficiency

A preterm delivery or miscarriage happens due to cervical insufficiency or incompetent cervix. This kind of pregnancy causes to give birth before time, most probably it happens around 16 to 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Due to weak cervical, the loss of pregnancy happens with the symptoms of menstrual cramp, pelvic pressure, backache, white, pink and light yellow vaginal discharge. Women who already had D&C, cone biopsy or LEEP, previous spontaneous preterm delivery, cervical insufficiency in the last pregnancy etc. are most likely the victim of this kind of pregnancy loss or miscarriage.

Missed Miscarriage

Under the cases of missed miscarriage or pregnancy loss, the affected woman don’t even aware whether she had a miscarriage as because in this case no symptom of miscarriage is noticed like cramping, bleeding, body ache etc.

The missed miscarriage occurs particularly in the first trimester of pregnancy and this becomes cleared through certain lab test or some clinical evidence if you coincidently go through these checkups. Under the condition of missed miscarriage or missed abortion the fetus dies without any symptom of pregnancy loss and placenta keeps on releasing the hormones. It is also known as silent miscarriage.

Pregnancy Loss due to Medical Reasons

Under the condition of some chronic medical condition of the pregnant lady, the pregnancy is terminated intentionally with the recommendation by doctors. Some negative health condition makes it impossible to survive the fetus and also cause a defective childbirth or can cause the lifetime risk of the pregnant woman hence it needed to be terminated resulting in miscarriage.

If certain abnormalities are detected in the diagnosis process like chromosomal abnormalities, heavy bleeding, infection etc. the pregnancy is discarded through surgery or D&C process.

How to Prevent Different Types of Pregnancy Loss

Pregnancy LossPregnancy loss or miscarriage may occur due to several reasons. Whatever the reason for the miscarriage it always becomes the heartbreaking news for the expecting mother. However, by using few effective miscarriages preventing tips during your pregnancy life cycle you can protect yourself from such an unwanted incident.

Following are some natural remedies and tips which you must apply during your pregnancy session so that you can give birth to a healthy baby without any kind of miss happening such as loss of pregnancy.

Follow Healthy Diet Chart

One of the most common reasons for pregnancy loss or frequent miscarriage which is come into the picture is unhealthy diet or the lack of balanced diet during the pregnancy cycle. A proper diet chart needs to be maintained in this period as because the pregnant lady needs nutrition for herself as well as for the baby carrying in her womb.

Consult with your doctor they will guide regarding your diet chart like what food you should include and what needed to be avoided for the better health. Never take a long break between two meal times instead take small-small mills throughout the day. This will not let your stomach empty causing acidity or weakness.

Eat fresh vegetables, fish, egg, milk and other nutritional foods which will strengthen your body and bones along with the prescribed vitamin doses as this will reduce the chances of miscarriage.

Include Less Caffeine

During the period of pregnancy as much as it is possible for you to consume a very less quantity of caffeine. Even if you are addicted to tea, coffee, and other caffeine beverages it is better for you to take a very lesser amount of these beverages for your better health and protection against miscarriage.

Take Less Stress

Pregnancy is a very special period for the expecting mother. At this particular time, her body and mind need relaxation from anxiety and stress. So don’t indulge yourself in anything which can cause you mental unrest or can harness your peace.

Your body needs support and strength and this you can get enough through your mental peace and happiness. Distract your mind from the factors which may cause stress for you. Spend your time in works which can please you and can help to build your mental strength and support.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol both are bad for the health of any person and when it comes to the concern of a pregnant lady they should stay far away from these health-destroying elements. Smoking and alcohol consumption during pregnancy affects to the baby in womb badly and this can even cause to miscarriage or pregnancy loss. So for preventing all these miss happening stay away from these bad habits until you successfully deliver to your baby.

Moderate Exercise

Include some moderate or light exercise in your everyday routine during the pregnancy phase. This is good for you as well as for your baby too. This diminishes the chances of pregnancy loss also it becomes helpful for you by preparing you for the normal delivery without much labor pain.

If any lady has faced miscarriage or pregnancy loss for whatever reason, she needs special care and support from family and friends which can prepare her for the second chance or planning for the next pregnancy. The different types of pregnancy loss mentioned here would be helpful for any expecting mother to stay alert and aware about probable miss happening which might occurs.

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