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Skin Care Tips for Winter : How to Guard Your Skin In Winter Season

We all love and enjoy to cool and cold weather of winter season but along with freshness, this winters affect our skin badly causing it reddish, dry, unsmooth and dull. So don’t ignore your skin especially in winter season. Apply some skin care tips for winter and keep its beauty intact.

This is the season where your skin wants extra care and effort to maintaining its glow and charm as it is, otherwise in lack of proper care your skin gets crack and often bleeding comes out of it. The cool winter air is harsh for your soft skin so it needs extra pampering.

A regular lotion is not enough for this period as it cannot handle your skin alone. As at this point of time your skin easily get rough and dry so you need to put extra effort in order to moisturize it well.

Here we have come up with some natural solutions that can moisturize your skin naturally without any side effects. This winter gets a fresh and glowing look by applying few simple tips mentioned in this article.

Best Skin Care Tips for Winter Season:

Best Skin Care Tips for Winter SeasonSkin is one of the most essential and important parts of our beauty. A dry and unsmooth skin really looks dull and this is the general scenario especially in the winter season. So apply some below mentioned best skin care tips and get glowing and healthy skin in this winter.

Drink Plenty of Water:


Your skin gets dry faster in winter season with a comparison to the summertime. So the best supplements that you can provide to your skin by drinking extra glasses of water. Yes, this simple trick will not let your skin get dry easily and moisturize it naturally.

Due to humidity in the air, water gets evaporates from your skin layer and this is the reason your skin frequently get dry even if you have added a moisturizer cream to it. So get rid of it naturally by adding few more water glasses in your everyday routine.

Water is a natural humidifier that can prevent the dryness of your skin and gives it glowing and smooth look. So this winter just forgets about skin dryness by applying this simple and doable beauty tips.

Don’t Use Hot Water for Bath:

hot shower

Most of us take a hot shower or bath in winter season as because the coldness in weather makes it difficult to bath with cold water. Though it will comfort you for few minutes, but it actually becomes the reason for your skin dryness.

We all know about the fact that the hot water get evaporates faster than the cold water. So after the hot water bath, water on the surface of your skin gets evaporated quickly and leave dry skin behind. What you can do if still, you cannot bath in cold water, use plenty of moisturizer cream once the skin gets dry which will help to get the skin moisturized.

As much as it is possible, avoid using hot shower or bath and apply a good quality of moisturizing lotion smoothly to your skin. Apply this simple tips in this winter and get glowing and smooth overall skin.

Use Cleaning Oil:

Cleaning Oil
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Before using any moisturizer lotion on your skin you need to clean your skin properly. When the season is winter then your regular cleansing product will not work on your skin just like other seasons. Instead, it can cause more dryness to your skin.

So especially in winter apply a good cleaning oil which is non-comedogenic as it will not block your skin pores regardless of an oil. It will keep intact the oil essentials of your skin. This winter season gives something extra to your skin by using a good quality cleaning oil.

Exfoliate Your Skin:

Facial Peeling Gel
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Exfoliation is the natural process of our skin peeling off where our old skin gets peeled and a new layer of skin takes its place. This keeps our skin tighten and fresh. But as we age this natural phenomenon of the body doesn’t occur automatically.

So give gentle exfoliation to your skin especially in the winter season when your hands and face get dry and rough. This also helps to the moisturizing lotions to enter inside the pores of your skin for making it smoother and glowing.

Apply a good quality of an exfoliating body wash in this winter and stay free from the harsh seasonal effect on your skin. Don’t forget to add moisturizer to your skin immediately after the use of an exfoliating body wash.

Use The Moisturizer Often:

moisturizing lotion
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As the harsh and cool weather causes your skin to get redness and cracks frequently so it needs extra care to it for maintaining its smoothness throughout the day. Your duty doesn’t end with a one-time usage of moisturizing cream to your skin. This is the season which is not favorable for your skin so it needs extra doses of the cream than you generally use in other seasons.

Apply your moisturizing lotion after 2 to 3 hours of interval. It is necessary as when you apply the lotion frequently your skin doesn’t get a reason to get dry and patching. Use a thick layer of moisturizer after shower or you can add some good body oil before the shower. This will nourish your skin and don’t let it crack easily.

You can use any oil that suits your body. Coconut oil is good for all types of skin. So anyone can apply the coconut oil to their whole body and then can take bath or shower. This works like a natural moisturizing cream for your skin.

Some other oils which are good for skin before bath are olive oil, tea tree oil, rose oil, almonds oil, argan oil. These oils are good for the face as well as for your body too. Especially rose oils are known for counteracting as aging effects. It tightens your skin and gives it a glowing look

Be Careful While Choosing Moisturizer:

Lakme Skin Gloss Winter
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You need to be very attentive and careful while buying moisturizer cream for you. Read about its ingredients before picking it for you. Never be in a rush when it is concerned with your skin as one small wrong step can hamper your beauty for a long time.

Moisturizer lotion or cream should be as per the nature of your skin. Some moisturizers are good for oily skin whereas some moisturizers are good for dry and some are good for normal skin types. Your skin tone also keeps an important place in this regard. Some moisturizers are good for light skin tones whereas some are good for dark skin tone.

A fair and right choice of moisturizer cream for skin will intact the beauty of your skin and protect it against the harsh winter weather effects. You should take oil-based solution instead of a water-based solution for you as oil ingredients keep intact moisture of your skin throughout the winter season if it is been applied every day.

The water-based solution is good for some time but it cannot guard your skin every time and cause cracks and dryness in skin. Whereas oil based solutions are made up of natural ingredients like jojoba, lavender, chamomile etc. which keep your skin hydrating all the time.

Damp Skin Should Not Be Exposed Outside:

damp skin

Don’t be in rush for going outside if your skin is damp in winter season as your body easily gets evaporated if it is damp by the outside weather. So wait for some time until you get dry and then only think to go out.

The moisture in your skin gets diffused by the cold and harsh weather when you go out with damp skin and make it dry and rough. Even if you have applied a moisturizer to your skin then also it cannot protect you completely. So pat your skin dry and then only go out.

Use this simple and natural trick in this winter season and protect your skin from breaking it due to dryness in weather.

Give Special Night Care to Your Skin:

Pure Biology Anti Aging Night Cream
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Don’t stay in a misperception that your skin is safe in the night time in the winter season. This needs a special care at night time if you don’t want to lose its glow and beauty. You use the different moisturizer for toning your skin in the daytime but in the night it should be cleaned well before you go to sleep.

Apply a natural moisturizing face mask in your skin and keep it overnight as it will work much more effective way than any day face mask. Next morning when you clean up your skin you can surely feel the difference in your skin tone and glow.

If you cannot apply a face mask then you can buy a good quality winter night cream and after cleaning your skin use this night cream on your face smoothly. Also, sunscreen should be applied by people staying at sunny weather location.

Use Chemical Free Soaps:

Chemical Free Soaps
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Be choosy while selecting soap for your skin. Your skin is one of the most sensitive parts of your body and whatever you put on your skin indirectly enters to your blood vessels and affect it. So never be in a rush while buying a face soap for you. First, check its ingredients, check the chemical being used in its production. Based on that decide to buy this for you.

Harsh chemicals and fragrant soaps harness the natural oil of skin and make it dry and dull. So always use natural and organic soaps as these soaps guard to your skin’s natural oil. Same way some anti-bacterial soap contain alcohol which cleans your outer skin but later on makes it rough and shine less.

Especially when the weather is cold your skin needs more and more oil otherwise it gets reddish and breaks through. So this winter uses oil essential soap and gives extra care to your skin.

Include Veggie Diet:

veggie diet

Your daily diet routine is equally important for you just like usage of creams and lotion that you use for protecting your skin from harsh winter weather effect. Include extra veggie food items in your daily diet chart as they will guard both your skin as well as your whole body.

A healthy skin lies in a healthy body. If your immunity power is less than you cannot face the changes in weather causing illness and other side effects. So make yourself strong first by eating veggie foods and then naturally your outer skin will glow and remain smooth throughout the winter season.

Use water-filled fruits for your breakfast as it will not let you get dehydrated. You can add cucumber every day in your diet plan as it helps to moisturize your skin internally. Eat carrots, pumpkin, orange, sweet potatoes, red peppers as these are good anti-oxidants.

Don’t Dip Long in Bath Tub:

bath tub

Hot water tub pampers us in the winter season and we love to dip ourselves in the bathtub for long in the cold weather but this is really harmful to our skin. When we long stay in hot water tub our skin gets much drier with a comparison to normal water as a chemical reaction occurs between hot water and your body soap that harness the natural oil of your body.

This is the reason your skin gets itchy and reddish when you come out of the tub. So avoid such a small time leisure for your body and always bath with cold water in winter season for getting a smooth and glowing skin.

Add Omega-3 Fats Diet:

Omega-3 Fats Diet

Doctors say that dryness in our skin especially top side of our hand occurs due to lack of appropriate amount of Omega-3 fats in our body. In winter season when our skin naturally gets dry due to cold weather, it is must to add food items which carry fatty acids but these should be organic.

You can eat walnuts, salmon (organic), olive oil etc. which are rich in fatty acid. You can give extra care and protection to your skin by eating these omega-3 fats diet in the winter season.

Use these fruitful and natural skin care tips for winter and forget about dryness, roughness, and dullness in this winter season. Remember you have to be consistent while applying these winter care tips for maintaining your skin beauty.

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