Diet Vs Exercise – Finding The Right Balance To Get Results

There are a huge amount of articles online and offline on how to effectively lose weight and most articles usually has their own specific method to achieve lower body fat. In many respects losing weight is made to be a chore rather than something that can be done by having a healthier life style.

Furthermore the culture of celebrity has definitely not helped the need for both men and women to attain a physical body that is worthy of a magazine shoot. If you are looking to lose weight and have a better body figure, then you need to find the correct balance between food and exercise, because often one of these factors is the problem to your own weight loss.

We will have a little look at different areas of the weight loss process and which parts you need to pay more attention with to find success.

Starting Weight

People can always be very uneasy about finding out what they weigh initially because it will make them feel bad about themselves if they are over weight, however knowing your starting weight is essential so you can see how you are improving week on week. Remember the whole point of weighing yourself in this process is to lose weight, so by simply getting on the scales you are taking the first step to achieving your ideal weight.

Cardio Training

Cardio training does not necessarily mean going on the treadmill but it does mean you need to try and get a good 30 to 60 minutes of cardio in per day whether that’s through a sport or in the gym.

If you do go in the gym then try to mix it up with 10 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the cross trainer as it makes the time go much faster and allows you to work different muscles. If you are doing 60 minutes of decent cardio per day then you will lose weight and if you are not losing the weight but doing a lot of a cardio, then we will need to look more closely at your diet.


Diets are very hard to gauge with people as a big part of it is having a positive mentality and good ‘will power’ which some people find easy and others find very hard. Some of the best advice to stopping eating ‘bad foods’ is to simply try and not buy the foods in your home, because after all if you don’t have them in the cupboards, then you can’t eat them.

Look to try and cut out the carbohydrates as much as you can in foods such as pastas, rice, potatoes etc as these are bad foods for weight loss. You can keep some carbohydrates in your diet but just be conscious of them. Try to have lots of fish and chicken in your meals as these foods are very good for weight loss as they have low fat levels.

Final Say

The diet is the part of weight loss many people struggle with but it is an absolutely essential part to successfully losing weight, so you do have to figure out a way to diet effectively. In many respects you can still eat the same amount of food in meals but try and have more ‘good foods’ in them rather than carbohydrate rich foods.

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