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    Easy Exercises for Over 50’s – Healthy and Happy, an Unconventional way!

    by Shan

    Well, maybe we’ve exercised little during our working life, or we have
    over-exercised – my son is one example – and we just don’t feel like we used to hard to start-up in the morning, got to have a cup of coffee to feel some power coming back, tend to feel sluggish and sleepy after meals, not having the ‘elan vital’ of the good old days, etc…Plus the fact that now you’d like more well-being and a more relaxed approach to life to become more philosophical, perhaps?

    We simply know we need a change, but how?

    We might even have often started, tried some form of exercise, but this
    time it’s just got to be more appropriate to remedy how we feel at this time of
    our life!

    From my point of view, also being a senior, I’d say that we might not need
    to make drastic alterations to our lifestyle, but rather simply and gently
    realise that we only need to choose some simple exercises that require minimum
    exertion but which are going to have the maximum impact on our health and well-being.

    I do know such exercises absolutely suitable for a beginner exercise program for seniors most of which
    are of Chinese origin (and unless you choose martial arts such as Kung Fu, most
    Chinese exercises are pretty gentile and yet provide the most rewarding results). They’re, of course, Tai Chi for seniors and Qigong exercise as well as other closely related methods of easy relaxation, learning to deep breathe
    so as to relieve the work of the heart.

    These methods, although fairly new to the Western world, are very easy to
    learn. So, why isn’t everyone practising them – I mean every senior, as they are
    so well adapted for the senior citizens (and to anyone who wants to stay
    healthy, by the way)?

    I think it’s because they’re not well-known and that what we may have
    seen on TV and in magazines may perhaps somehow seem beyond our grasp. It would
    depend on how it’s been presented to us, and the impression we’re left with.

    I have good news for you. Although as a Tai Chi teacher for many years
    I’ve had to learn all the ins and outs of Tai Chi, starting from its origins to
    the most subtle details of exercises, you (and me too!) as a person looking just
    for an easy exercise practice do not have to learn anything intricate, either
    physically or mentally challenging.

    That is the beauty of these practices: they simply just ask us to find again, for example, our natural body alignment, so that our vital
    energy flows harmoniously and with maximum efficient through the pathways of
    the body, to manifest power, health and well-being in the physical, emotional and mental
    aspects of ourselves.

    Another result of these practices, although by using only gentle and easy physical
    movements, is that they also naturally develop in us a calm and powerfully
    relaxed presence and a good philosophical outlook on life!

    Francoise Bonhoure is a qualified senior in methods promoting health and well-being. Free and Easy Exercises for over 50’s. She produces Exercise Programs for Seniors such as The 6 simple sounds .



    Article by Shan

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