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10 Superfoods to Keep You Slim and Healthy

Superfoods is a term used to describe various kinds of foods that is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, and other antioxidants that combats chronic diseases. Commonly, superfoods are unprocessed fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, poultry, or fish. These superfoods contain phytochemicals that reduces the risk of cancers, heart diseases, and other conditions. […]

Are Hoodia Pills Better than Exercise?

So what does this funny-sounding name stand for? Hoodia is a plant, resemblant to the cactus, which was initially used by the natives of the Namib desert as an appetite suppressant, meant to help their survival in the harshness of the sun. Now, this plant has been seen as an […]

5 Favourite Tips To Fitness Success In 2013

The new year is going to hit us within a month and a bit. In that month we’ve got some festive eating to do, chocolates, cakes and all manner of unhealthy goodies.As a result of this, a lot of people have a tradition of making new year resolutions and a […]

Losing Weight While Having Fun

Losing weight can be a drag, not to mention difficult.  Dieting can easily get the better of you and get you down in the dumps.  Weight loss involves new foods that are not quite as tasty as you are used to, and new exercise regiments that you have to adjust […]

Aerobic Exercise

How do You Know if You’re Unfit?

Knowing that you are unfit may range from a niggling feeling you have about your fitness level, discomfort when doing exercise or playing a sport, being constantly out of breath when walking a lot or climbing stairs, finding daily activities difficult, tiring quickly or having a medical professional tell you […]

How To Encourage Your Children To Exercise More

So many parents around the world want to know how they can encourage their children to be more active and healthy. Most questions are related to exercise and not food because most of us know the basics of eating healthy. This article has the sole purpose of answering two of […]

Exercises For The Bedridden

Exercises For The Bedridden

If you look at the current situation of patients in hospitals nowadays, you will be surprised to see that the number of bedridden patients is increasing. You can also notice that those who are taken at home for palliative care are mostly bedridden individuals, too. There are many reasons why […]