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Exciting Lunch Recipes for the HCG Dieter

Exciting Lunch Recipes for the HCG Dieter

The hCG diet was the brainchild of Dr. AT William Simeons, an endocrinology expert from Britain. Studying the issue of being overweight and obese, he proposed a new diet regimen that became known as HCG VLCD (which stands for “human chorionic gonadotropin very low-calorie diet”) in his book called Pounds […]

What Are HCG Diet Drops Made From?

The hcg diet had first made its appearance in the 1970s. Then after a period of lull, these diet have forayed back into public view, claiming to help you shed almost twenty to thirty pounds in a month or a little more. The hcg diet has become popular because it […]

Why the Fuss Over HCG?

Why all the fuss about the HCG Diet? Is the diet unsafe? If not, is it ineffective? These questions and more were on my mind as I approached Jennifer Margolies, the Program Director for the Fast Weight Loss Centers in Dallas, TX, to talk about the controversial HCG diet. Thankfully, […]