Last Longer in Bed Naturally

How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally – Home Remedies

Sexual concerns are very common among men and it can happen at any point in time of a man’s life. A man affected with premature ejaculation (PE) usually tends to orgasm just within 1 to 2 minutes of his sexual arousal and in spite of his desire, he cannot delay the ejaculation. Sex is an important part in a couple’s life and it cannot be overlooked in any condition.

A dissatisfactory sexual life not only affects a person’s self-esteem but it also affects the quality of a relationship. However like any other health concern even sexual health issues can also be well managed and improved with some home remedies to last longer in bed naturally.

There are several reasons that can impact your sex life and prohibit you from lasting longer in bed when you come closer to your partner. However one should not look for medical help as and when they face such problems because medical treatments are effective but its effect is usually temporary. So once you stop them your issue will again come on the surface making you distressed and dissatisfied again like before.

Moreover prescribed medications though improve the sexual performance and the quality of an erection by increasing the blood circulation level in the sexual organs but it contains some side effects risk such as headache, flushing, nasal congestion, stomach upset and visual changes. Also, the prescribed erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, etc, are quite dangerous for men who are taking medications like blood thinners, nitrate drugs or are affected with diabetes and heart diseases.

However, these side effects of health risks are not associated with natural measures. Natural remedies and tricks are the most effective solution for such issues as it takes care of the root cause of your issue without damaging your health. Hence, after dealing with the underlying problems and uplifting your mind and physical health the homemade remedies brings back your lost confidence and ability to improve your sexual performance on the bed along with improving your overall health.

10 Effective Home Remedies to Last Longer in Bed Naturally

home remedies to last longer in bed naturally



Acupuncture is an effective natural treatment method used in traditional Chinese medicines. It is been in use for more than 2500 years of time and it has a glorious success record for the treatment of different health problems including sexual health concerns.

As sexual health issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc primary develop due to slow rate of blood supply to sexual organs so it can be only cured when there will be an adequate and speedy rate of blood supply in the penis.

In the acupuncture process, small needles are inserted into certain predetermined points all over the body. The insertion of injection in these points stimulates the nervous system that helps in releasing hormones and opioids needed for smoother and healthier sexual function and performance. However, these practices should be done only in the administration of professional practitioners for safety concerns.


Your sex life and sexual performance can be affected by different factors and reasons. So this needs proper technique so that you can feel the orgasm well that stimulates your organ to last longer on the bed. Foreplay is one of the effective natural remedies for improving different sexual health concerns.

Arouse your women by focusing on more foreplay instead of trying to orgasm first. Your partner will well appreciate your effort if you give some extra time to foreplay activities such as inserting your finger or mouth before inserting your sexual organ. This will help in releasing stress from your mind and body which is helpful in maintaining an erection for long.

Men who have a perception that penetration should be given only priority while on bed often ends up with premature ejaculation problems. This neither satisfies to them nor to their partner. This affects their sexual life along with increasing mental and emotional level stress. Foreplay is a very effective step when you want to improve your sexual performance. This will prevent the premature ejaculation issue by letting you last for longer duration making you and your partner completely satisfied.

Also, men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction issues can incorporate this strategy while getting intimate with their partner. This will naturally eliminate this sexual problem over time with practice. Moreover, it will make your sex life completely full of fun and enjoyment when you have something to explore new every time.

Stay Fit and Energetic

Men who are overweight and avoid practicing exercise or faces difficulty in exercising have to suffer from disturbed sexual performance in bed. So, to avoid this concern incorporates a fixed exercise routine in your life at least 30 minutes in a day in order to keep your body fit and energetic while you are on the bed with your partner.

Incorporate cardio workouts as a part of your daily life routine which is very easy to include as regular life activities like walking, swimming, jogging, stair climbing, etc are nothing but one type of cardio workouts. The cardio workouts will not only improve your cardiovascular health but will also boost your endurance level which is another necessity of a healthy sexual life.

If you ride a bike that is good for your fitness routine but doesn’t overdo this as people who ride a bike excessively get affected by the constriction caused by the bicycle seat that leads to temporary erectile dysfunction problems. Apart from this skipping, swimming, trade mill walk, etc are some good examples of cardio workouts.

Along with improving your endurance level, it is also vital to increase your muscles and core strength as most of the sexual poses need a man to stand on his hands and feet. So for this purpose, it is vital to have a toned and strong abdominal muscles, biceps, and triceps.  For this, focus on these parts of your body while exercising in the gym. Regular exercise practices also improve the blood circulation level throughout your body including the penis that helps in getting rid of erectile dysfunction problems.

Weight lifting exercise should also be a part of your fitness routine which helps you in improving your body balance and endurance while you are in bed. Try some pelvic floor exercises as this helps in gaining control of your bladder function and can also help in maintaining the erection for the longer duration.

Practice Yoga

Yoga plays a positive role in every sphere of health and well being of a person. Yoga poses primarily improves a person’s endurance ability which is crucial for a pleasing and satisfactory sexual life. Different yoga poses are there which helps in increasing the blood flow to the penis that helps you in lasting longer in bed.

Start practicing yoga for 5 minutes initially as its poses are extremely difficult to sustain and once you get full control over your body and feel accustomed to the poses then you can increase the duration15 to 20 minutes of time. Daily yoga practices not only improve your sexual performance and health but it also benefits your overall health.

By increasing the blood flow towards your head it helps in distressing your mind with better blood circulation in this area. As stress plays the role of a sabotaging factor that restrain a man from getting sexual arousal necessary for lasting longer in bed so with yoga this prominent sabotaging factor can be well managed.

Increase Your Zinc Intake

Zinc deficiency in the body leads to a reduction in testosterone hormone also known as male sex hormones. As a result of this, sexual dysfunction problem arises that restrain you from lasting longer in bed in spite of your intense desire and effort for the same. So to prohibit this issue and to enhance the quality of erection you should take necessary zinc intake through your diet or through supplementations.

You can easily avail zinc in several male health improvements in herbal supplements. However, it must not be consumed excessively as excessive doses of zinc is not good for your health. You will be surprised to know that you can fulfill your zinc deficiency through many dietary sources as this vital mineral exists in a very good amount in different foods such as meat, oyster and fortified breakfast cereals.

That means you need not require being dependent on supplement sources for getting this essential mineral for enhancing your sexual health. Be natural and consume the recommend doses of the zinc-rich natural food sources in your diet routine and get back the lost spark in your love life again.

Manage Your Stress and Anxiety Level

In today’s fast-paced world we cannot assume our life stress and anxiety-free and there is no particular reason or factor that we can blame for these mental health concerns. Both stress and anxiety not only harnesses the peace of your mind but it also badly impacts your performance in bed. It is true that men feel pride when they manage to give their best in bed to please their partner. However, this cannot be expected from a stressful person or a person who gets anxious with every small to trifling concern in life.

So in order to improve your sexual health and performance, it is crucial that you manage your mental stress and anxiety level.  In the presence of both or any of these two issues, it is extremely difficult to get and maintain your erection for long. These negative feelings are likely to impact your mind by distracting your mind to another direction instead of focusing on sexual intimacy. Again if a man remains anxious about the thoughts like how will he perform on the bed, then he will not get arousal easily nor will be engaged longer in bed.

So to cope up with these problems you can incorporate some stress and anxiety bursting strategies in your day to day life such as meditation, exercising, increase your focus on physical sensations instead of focusing on performance, spend some quality time with your partner to improve the relationship, enjoy your favorite hobbies, have more peaceful and relaxing sleep and take the help of a therapist and psychiatric consultations if required.

These strategies will not only reduce and control your stress and anxiety level but it will also improve your overall health along with improving your relationship with your partner by enhancing your sexual performance and health.

Quit Smoking

Smoking not only increases your risk of developing different types of cancer disease and bad breathe issue but it also plays its role in impacting your sexual health and performance in bed. Smoking habit affects the blood circulation level in your body that increases your risk of decrease in sperm count, erectile dysfunction and viability.

As per one of the renowned male health physician and medical sex therapist smoking habit affects to each and every organ of a person’s body, sexual dysfunction if one of the male health concern that appears in the picture because of the smoking addiction. As per one study report smokers contain a greater risk of developing erectile dysfunction sexual health issues than non-smokers.

So to enhance your sexual health and for long-lasting performance in bed quit this injurious habit as soon as it is possible. This will not only improve your sexual health but will also protect your heart and blood vessels from getting damaged out of this addiction.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Male health gets badly affected by excessive intake of alcohol. This is because the excessive doses of wines and bears affect your sensory nerves hence you fail in enjoying and getting actively involved in your special moments with your partner.

Also, excess doses of alcohol are harmful to your heart and liver health and in the long run, it can cause major health damages if not controlled on time. As your heart health is very much connected with your sexual health so for ensuring the proper blood flow in your genital area and to improve your endurance level make sure that you have only limited doses of alcohol in a day.

Drinking one or two ounces of alcohol is enough for the day for maintaining and balancing your sexual health. Exceeding this recommended limit can impact the blood circulation level in your body that leads to erectile dysfunction problems. So reduce your doses and if possible avoid drinking every day as this will ensure that you last longer in bed along with benefiting your overall health.

Have Enough Quality Sleep at Nights

As per one research report, men who sleep less than five hours in the night have lowered levels of testosterone hormone in their body. As this hormone plays a crucial role in sexual arousal and for maintaining the erection so its deficiency in the body develops different sexual health issues in men such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc.

So to get rid of all these sexual health concerns and to increase your lasting duration in bed make sure that you have enough amount of quality sleep during nights without failure. For a healthy person, 7 to 8 hours of sleep in the night is important without any break in between. In order to get sleep on time and to stay sleeping for the 7 to 8 hours peacefully, you can make several strategies before you get into bed.

Keep your bedroom area clean with clean bed sheet and pillowcases, lit a aromatic candle or sprinkle an aromatic scent in your room that works as stress buster and helping in getting sleep easily, keep your mobile phone and other gadget outside of your bedroom as your bedroom should be used only for lovemaking and for sleeping purpose.

You can take bath to feel refresh before you enter your bedroom for sleeping, play light and peaceful music that will help you in getting a peaceful sleep throughout the night. Once your sleeping routine gets balanced and adequate you will see how drastically it improves your sexual performance and relationship with your partner.

Try New Poses

Your sexual life and performance get badly impacted if you only indulge in monotonous poses while getting intimate with your partner. So bring some fun and excitement by trying some exciting poses to give more pleasure to your partner. Passionate sexual poses will help in maintaining your erection for longer by stimulating your sensory nerves and blood flow towards your genital.

With new sexual activities and positions, you can get back the lost spark in your sexual life no matter how old is your relationship. Otherwise, men who restrain from trying new positions often end up with boring and sparkles sex life which feels like a daily life routine at the end. This reduces their libido as well as of their partner’s interest also impacted badly. In the lack of full excitement and pleasure, you cannot think of lasting longer in bed. Don’t keep limited to the sexual activities bound to your bedroom area only.

Home Remedies Last Longer in Bed NaturallyThere should be no barrier for showing your love and affection to your partner which keeps your sexual life evergreen. Make your weekends more exciting one by visiting a fun place with your partner for the refreshment of your mind and relationship. When both of you will spend a good time outside of your home place definitely both of you feel refreshment in your mind that will energize you while you will be in bed with your partner.

Promescent Climax Control Spray Review

Promescent Climax Control SprayPremature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual dysfunction and is the major issue among youths as well as in elder adults group of people. As per one research study report on an average, from penetration to orgasm the average lasting duration is only about 5 minutes to 5.30 minutes in men which is completely dissatisfactory for both sides of the sexual partners (male and female).

Though there is no lack of medications or more invasive forms of treatment methods such as surgeries to cure the premature ejaculation problem but why to invest in expensive sexual health boosting medications that are often accompanied with side effects risk and also they don’t offer a permanents solution or an invasive and painful medical procedure where there is no lack of over-the-counter products such as delay sprays.

Our product “Climax Control Spray” is one stop solution for all your sexual health related problems. It not only boosts your stamina level but also ensures that your partner get orgasms without remaining dissatisfied. This is made in the USA. It is founded in the medical community and recommended by over 2,200 practicing urologists worldwide.

This spray is very easy in usage and it doesn’t contain any major side effect risk. It is prescribed and recommends by the sexual healthcare specialists to their patients who are struggling hard from the long term premature ejaculation issue.

This is #1 best seller on Amazon, the most popular online shopping site. It is the effectiveness of this product that its emerged as one of the most popular delay spays among a large group of customers comparatively other commonly available delay sprays, creams, gels and wipes in the market. People who use them once get its regular and loyal customers and they like to recommend it to others as well with their positive reviews.

Quick Facts about Promescent Climax Control Spray

Quick Facts about Promescent Climax Control SprayHere are some important facts that you need to know about Promescent Climax Control Spray that will help you in easily understanding what this product is all about, its importance and benefits.

  • The Promescent Climax Control Spray has been accepted in the medical community as a safe, easy to use and effective solution for treating premature ejaculation, general ejaculation control, and penile hypersensitivity.
  • Though Promescent Climax Control Spray is in the market only around 2011, it is endorsed by thousands of sexuologists and recommended by over 2,200 practicing urologists because of its effectiveness.
  • Easy to use spray format that starts to work in just minutes. Even the very first time users find it very easy in handling and enjoyed its quick effect benefits.
  • It works on-demand solution basis that can be used on an as-needed basis by its user.
  • It gives the benefit of low cost per use for the user. This makes it superior to other delay sprays, creams, gels, and wipes.
  • It develops limited side effects compared to other solutions for the same sexual health concerns treatment.
  • The Promescent Climax Control Spray can be used and marketed to men for recreational purposes (no prescription needed).
  • It no way affect the sensitivity level of your partner because of its TargetZone™ technology that ensures limited transference to partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Promescent Climax Control Spray

How to use this delay spray?

This delay spray solution comes in easy to use spray format that starts working just within minutes of its application. It offers an on-demand solution that can be used on an as-needed basis by its users. It gives amazing results and a beautiful intimacy experience that you have never experienced before. It is the effectiveness of this product that its users automatically turn to regular buyers without any effort.

Under what condition I should look for an over-the-counter premature ejaculation?

If you are very much dissatisfied abut your lasting duration in bed and you and your partner hardly reach orgasm then for increasing your stamina and lasting duration you should try last longer over-the-counter solution like Promescent Climax Control Spray which is an IRB certified clinically proven sex health boosting product.

Is Promescent safe in using?

Yes, the Promescent is safe to use for the treatment of premature ejaculation as it fulfills all the criteria given by the FDA. The only active ingredient it contains is lidocaine which is tolerable by most of the men.

Is there any side effect of this product?

This delay spray for treating premature ejaculation sex health problems hardly develops any kind of side effects. However, in rare cases, it may develop some limited side effects compared to other solutions available in the market. If you apply too much of this solution on your penis then it can cause temporary loss or erection or sensitivity. Some other rare side effects include burning, excessive numbing and irritation. If these side effects persist for more than 12 hours then consult with a physician.

When I should consult with a physician?

Consult with a physician if you are persistently facing issues like erectile dysfunction, ongoing pattern of premature ejaculation, pain with ejaculation, and long delay or total inability to ejaculate. Many times premature ejaculation remains associated with other underlying medical health issues that only a specialist can diagnose and treat.

Is this Expensive?

Absolutely not! The Promescent Climax Control Spray costs very low with a comparison to other premature ejaculation delaying solutions available in the market. Its costs diminish with each use by its user in the long run.

Is it safe for my partner?

Use this delay spray absolutely tension free. It is totally safe for you as well as for your partner. It ensures limited transference to partner using TargetZone™ technology. That means complete satisfaction with the desired orgasm to your partner without any health risk.

Should I wash my hands after using it?

Yes absolutely, you should always wash your hands after using this delay spray for minimizing the risk of transferring it to your partner. Also, its contact with your eyes can cause a serious medical issue. So in order to limit its desensitizing effect only to your penis, wash your hands thoroughly after its application.

Does any prescription is needed for availing this delay spray?

No, you can easily avail and use the Promescent Climax Control Spray over-the-counter without showing any prescription for enhancing your stamina to last longer in bed. It can be used and marketed to men for recreational purposes without any necessity of prescription.

A good sexual life is the base of a strong relationship. So use this trick in order to get back the lost spark in your sexual life and for ensuring that you give your best while you intimate with your partner.

Try the above-mentioned home remedies to last longer in bed naturally which are not only effective but also absolutely safe. Premature ejaculation and other such sexual health problems can affect a man at some or another point in time of life. In most of the cases, these sexual health issues relieved with home remedies only with their persistent practice. However, if it lasts longer and doesn’t improve even with the home care and remedies then don’t feel shy to contact a doctor.

A specialist can better diagnose your condition and can also find out whether any underlying health issue is impacting your sexual health or not. Accordingly, they will start their treatment procedure that may include prescribed medications, therapies, counseling, etc to relieve your condition and to improve your sexual health thereon.

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