Red Spots on the Skin

Red Spots on the Skin – Symptoms, Causes and Home Treatment

Irrespective of the skin type you are likely to develop some or other type of skin issue at any point in time of your life. Out of different skin issues, red spots growth on the skin is one that can develop as a rash, blemishes or bumps. However, the good news is that most of the time with some home treatment to cure red spots on the skin you can easily get rid of this issue permanently.

These outbreaks are commonly known as rashes which often occur as a result of certain infections of the skin, irritation of the skin, allergic reactions that may spread all over the body area, etc. Redness of skin known as Erythema in medical terms. When the red rash or bump is flat in structure it is known as a macule, when raised it is known as papule in the medical term.

Red spots that develop singly could be a small benign tumor known as hemangioma. Purplish red spots that develop as a result of bleeding disorders are known as purpura whereas tiny pinpoint hemorrhages that develop in the skin known as petechiae.

These pesky looking spots really a black spot on your beauty and no one would like to live whole life with this annoying mark especially when it is on your face area. Though usually red spots are harmless and go away on their own with time however at every situation you cannot ignore them and wait for its own removal.

It is always vital to understand its underlying causes so that whenever you face this skin issue can take necessary step to fade and lighten these spots at the quickest possible time. Especially when you remain aware of the actual causes of these outbreaks you can take action on the concerned area so that you won’t have to suffer for a longer duration with this.

Red spots or rashes which are associated with symptoms like hives or itching may develop as a result of underlying medical conditions and may develop other symptoms as well over time. In these cases, medical intervention is a must without delay.


home treatment to cure red spots on skinRed spots on the skin vary in signs and severity depending upon its underlying cause. It can be temporary or sometimes permanent and harmless.  However, under every situation, you may notice the following signs and symptoms of this skin issue.

  • Painful
  • Swollen skin
  • Irritated
  • Itchy
  • Rash
  • Raised or flat
  • Uneven structure
  • Light, purple or dark red color
  • Maybe scaly
  • Skin dryness and sensitivity
  • May develop hair loss in the affected area


Red spots on the skin are usually painful, itchy, swollen and fluid-filled. However, it can also develop without any accompanying trait, like without any pain, itching, and won’t change its size and shape. Most commonly the red spots of your skin develop due to following reasons or conditions-

Home Treatments to Cure Red Spots on the Skin

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar works as a natural skin toner with its mild acidic content. It helps in restoring the pH balance of your skin and thus treats different skin issues including red spots as well. Its antibacterial property combats the red spots causing bacteria and prevents their further growth with its frequent application as your DIY remedy. It is very effective in relieving the symptoms of red spots on skin such as irritation, itching, and inflammations.


  • ½ Tsp apple cider vinegar
  • 2 Tbsp water
  • Cotton ball


  • Mix the ACV into the water to get its diluted solution and then apply it all over your affected skin area with the help of a cotton ball.
  • Let it sit for a few minutes until it dries out naturally means absorbed by your skin. Once dry rinse it with normal water.
  • Pat dry your skin and then apply a good moisturizer.
  • Apply this remedy two times a day regularly until you notice improvement and reduction in the appearance of red spots on the skin.


As apple cider vinegar is rich with acidic properties so it should never be applied directly on the skin otherwise it can cause damages to your skin. Always use its diluted form and if you notice your skin is getting more irritated after its application or other skin symptoms appear on the affected area then stops its application.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich with anti-inflammatory properties hence it is effective in treating different inflammation-induced skin problems. It works as natural skin soother which nourishes your irritated skin caused by red spots and helps in its healing. Apart from this its application also provides protection against UV rays and bacterial infection. Hence beneficial in cases where red spots are developed due to sunburn or harmful bacteria attack.




The coconut oil remedy for treating red spots on the skin is not suitable for people who have acne-prone skin.

Dandelion Root

Dandelion root is used as a herbal remedy as it is naturally rich with many medicinal properties. The consumption of dandelion root extract tea can give protection against UV rays and stops premature aging signs growth. It is rich with anti-inflammatory properties which helps in reducing the appearance of red spots on your skin especially red skin caused by eczema and acne skin conditions. It is a very effective remedy for treating red spots on the skin.


  • 1 Tsp dandelion root powder
  •  A cup of hot water


  • Prepare the fresh dandelion root brew by steeping this herb into hot water for a few minutes.
  • Strain this herbal tea and drink it warm for the best result.
  • Drink this herbal tea 1 to 2 times a day for a couple of days to see improvement in your red spots on the skin.

Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is a great natural moisturizing agent plus it is also rich with healing properties that help in curing skin inflammation related concerns very effectively. It is rich with phytochemicals that can lighten red spots on the skin, especially which is associated with inflammation. Apart from this, it restores your skin damages caused by free radicals attack with its antioxidants properties. Along with healing your red spots it also helps in developing even tone skin by moisturizing it with its natural nourishment content.


  • Organic cocoa butter


  • Take a very small amount of organic cocoa butter in your fingers and massage with this gently on your affected area.
  • Leave it as it is overnight and rinse your face the next morning.
  • Reapply this remedy every night before bed until your red spots on skin fade or lighten.


As cocoa butter is rich in fat content so before applying directly to your affected skin area, it is advised to apply this first on any other area of your body first if your skin type is oily. This patch test will make this clear whether it is safe for applying on your skin or not as it might cause acne issues in people with oily skin type.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera gel is a natural soothing agent rich with anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties that accelerate healing and help in getting back normal skin conditions with its regular application. It works very effectively in healing different skin conditions including red spots caused by different underlying reasons. Along with reducing your red spots it also helps in getting healthy and glowing even tone skin.


  • Aloe vera leaf


  • Extract the aloe vera gel from its leaf directly by slicing it first.
  • Apply this extracted gel directly on your red spots and massage with it gently on your skin for one to two minutes.
  • Leave it as it is for 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse it with normal water.
  • Store the remaining aloe vera gel in an airtight container for further use.
  • Apply this gel two times a day regularly until you see a noticeable reduction in red spots and improvement in the appearance of the affected skin area.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C which is known as natural skin tone lightening agent. Also, it is rich with anti-oxidant which offers protection against free radicals attack and works as a natural anti-aging agent. With its application on your red spots, you can easily reduce its appearance in a very short duration and see a drastic improvement in your skin health with its skin balancing and healing properties.


  • 1 to 2 Tbsp lemon juice
  • Cotton ball


  • Dip the cotton ball into squeezed fresh lemon juice and apply it directly to the affected skin area.
  • Leave it as it is for about 5 minutes and then rinse properly with normal water.
  • Pat dry your skin and moisturize it with a good moisturizing lotion.
  • Apply this remedy two times a day regularly until your red spots disappear completely.


If your skin type is sensitive then dilute the lemon juice first by mixing an equal amount f water in it. Also, apply sunscreen after applying this remedy because this remedy usage can make your skin photosensitive.

Avoid Sun Exposure and Stay Hydrated

Excessive sun exposure especially when you have not applied sunscreen on your skin can cause sunburn and overtime it turns to stubborn redness. Moreover, the harmful UV rays of the sun can deepen your red spots by aggravating the inflammation.  As a result of this skin-cells damages and excess melanin synthesis happens in the affected regions leading to more deep redness occur.

So to reduce the appearance of red spots on your skin it is crucial to avoid the sun exposures as much as it is possible. Protect your skin with a good sunscreen with SPF application whenever you go out. If you want that your home remedies work effectively in the fading and lightening of your red spots then it is essential to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

Drink plenty amount of water as when your body remains well hydrated there will be lesser risk of getting a victim of dehydration and its associated issues on your skin health like rashes, dryness, etc. Many times skin rashes that look permanent reddish color spots on the skin are the result of lack of hydration in the body. So to avoid this concern and to accelerate the healing process drink plenty amount of water every day especially in hot summer days.

When to See a Doctor

People should see a doctor if red spots on the skin are causing severe pain and other discomforts persistently in order to diagnose its underlying reasons responsible for this skin condition. If the red spots on skin persist for more than its usual duration and get recurrent in nature that must be consulted with the healthcare specialists.

In certain cases red spots are long term issue and its symptoms recur in cycles. Skin rashes that develop red spots many times indicated for severe health conditions such as infections, allergic reactions, symptoms of any other severe underlying health condition, etc. In such cases, medical intervention is a must for the appropriate treatment of these health issues responsible for skin redness. Skin burns that leave stubborn red marks behind this also require prescribed ointment and medications to heal completely.

However, not in every case, it is necessary to see a doctor. For example, a mild sunburn can be treated at home only with DIY remedies, including fluid intake and applying a good moisturizer over it. Some skin conditions which develop red spots sometimes require life long treatment to deal with its recurrent symptoms. In these cases, both medical treatment and lifestyle changes prove effective in dealing with these skin conditions.

People who have red spots or marks on their skin as a birth sign are very difficult to treat as these are the stubborn birth signs. In such cases, advanced cosmetic treatments like chemicals peels, fillers, surgery, laser treatments, medications, ointments, etc are needed to lighten or fade or for removing these marks.

Contact a doctor if red skin or rash develops followings signs or symptoms-

  • Persists even after several days
  • Accompanied by fever
  • Affects a very large area of your body
  • It is painful
  • Occurs suddenly and spreads very fast
  • Begins to blister
  • Develops signs of infection such as generating pus or other fluids, feels warm, etc.

Red Spots on the Skin Causes Treatment

The usage of medications and other medical treatment helps in fading as well as removing these unwanted and unpleasant red spots overtime. However red spots that are treatable at home with natural remedies must be given necessary home treatment to cure red spots on the skin. The remedies mentioned above work as a soother, skin toner, moisturize and healer. Try them as soon as you notice the symptoms of this skin condition to fade and lighten it naturally.

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