Hiv Rash – Picture,Types And Home Treatment

The facts are incredible simple, over 85% of the people that are suffering from HIV are more than likely to develop a rash of some sort during their time with the disease. This article will go into details on everything you need to know about HIV Rashes, including the causes, symptoms and the treatment you can apply to overcome it.

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What Is a HIV Rash?

Essentially the HIV rash is simply a rash that results from being infected with the HIV virus. Most commonly these rashes will appear all over the individuals skin as reddish, scales or patches. A lot of the times these rashes will look like the person has pimples.

Causes of Hiv Rash:

The following are some of the most common factors that result in a person suffering from the HIV Rash:

  • 1. HIV Infection

Of course the reason why a person would have the HIV Rash in the first place is because they are infected with the HIV Virus. At this moment in time it is probably the most deadly incurable disease in the world and the rash is just one of the many symptoms that the individual with the virus will experience.

  • 2. Skin Infection

Another common reason why this rash would develop could be the result of a skin infection that the individual is suffering from. Often times a skin infection that is constantly disturbed can result in a rash from developing. Of course those people that have HIV are more likely to develop this rash from a skin infection simply because their immune system is much weaker than the average person’s.

  • 3. Side Effects From Medication

Another common cause of the HIV Rash is some people are allergic to certain drugs such as Cefoperazone Sodium. Taking these drugs to treat the HIV virus can result in the person developing a rash. Other common painkillers can also result in a rash developing.

  • 4. Extremely Low Levels of Cholesterol

There have been many cases that have been reported by people who have had extremely low levels of cholesterol because they are consuming B vitamin tablets… and as a result rashes begin to appear all over their skin.

  • 5. Infection Passed Through Birth

Often times the babies that are born from mothers that are infected with the HIV Virus will suffer from the HIV rash. But the good news is that if the doctors catch signs of the infection early then they can take preventative measures to ensure that the baby is born free from the problems.

Symptoms of Hiv Rash:

In terms of the symptoms that a person who has the HIV rash will experience they include two major ones:

  • 1. Scaly pimple like skin
  • 2. Dark red/black bumps all over the skin

The people that have the rash will usually see it develop on the face, hands, feet and chest of the body. There are also cases where people will begin to get blisters around the eyes, mouth and genitalia. Of course the pimple like scales vary in the size they come in from person to person.

Because the reason for the rash is due to the individual suffering from HIV, it is common that the individual will suffer from other common symptoms too:

  • 1. Pain In The Muscles
  • 2. Glands Swelling Up
  • 3. Constantly Tired and Sleepy.
  • 4. Loss Of Short Term Memory
  • 5. Pain In The Joints When Moved
  • 6. Constantly Sick Due To Flu and Fever

As the HIV infection progresses to overtake the body the HIV rashes that a person has, may begin to get worse and start to produce painful blisters. This is more and more common as the immune system of the individual starts become weaker and weaker.

A person may develop the rash a couple of weeks from being infected with HIV or it may appear a long time after. It all depends on the individual case.

Treatment of Hiv Rash:

Of course to this day there still hasn’t been a breakthrough in terms of finding a cure for HIV. There is no permanent cure to the HIV infection or the rash that develops because of it. However upon the doctors confirming that you do indeed have the HIV rash they will give you some form of treatment that will at best provide temporary relief.

For those that are constantly irritated by the rash and want to itch it all the time they can get over the counter medicine at their local pharmacy which will help to relieve some of the suffering. Depending upon what is available at your local pharmacy you will be given some fort of lotion or cream. Your doctor may also prescribe some form of steroid cream to help you feel relief.

Another tip that your doctor should give to you if you happen to have the rash is to avoid going into extremely hot or cold environments because you are more likely to increase the spread of the rash and therefore the suffering that you experience.

The following are some of the treatments that doctors will often advise you to try in order to relieve the pain of the HIV Rash.

  • 1. Avoid extreme temperatures, either hot or cold.
  • 2. Use either Hydrocortisone cream or Benadryl to reduce the amount of itchiness that you experience.
  • 3. Make sure that you practice safe sex as unprotected sex will likely result in the transfer of the rash.

Make sure that regardless of the treatment that you implement that you get the advice of your doctor beforehand. This is to make sure that you only implement those treatments that will benefit you. You don’t want to end up doing something that will cause you more suffering down the road.


To summaries this short post I would like to make sure that you understand that these rashes in themselves are not going to kill you. But it is imperative that as an individual that has the HIV infection that you take extra care to make sure that your health is in pristine condition. You will also want to make regular visits to your doctor to ensure everything is okay. The best thing to do is visit your doctor if you happen to see the development of the rash on your skin. The sooner you seek out treatment for your rash the faster you can get back to living life as healthy as possible.

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