How to Make Your Period End Faster

How to Make Your Period End Faster – Top 9 Techniques

While going through those 5 tough days of period or your menstrual cycle, at some or other point every other girl and woman wish to end the cycle early in a particular month. The reason can be anything that makes you feel so. Though this is completely a natural process and no interference should be done in it, still at special circumstances you can incorporate certain techniques to make your period end faster.

It is really feel very tough and lethargic to deal with those fixed five days cycle every month which continues till the menopause stage of a woman’s life. The period symptoms or worries to properly take care of your clothes and other things really increase few tasks burden than your regular and normal days of life.

Whether your next period date falls on a very special occasion or on a day when you have already planned for a trip or something else there are possibilities that you can end your next period a bit early without affecting your inner health anyways.

This is true that these techniques must not be applied in every other period cycle or better to consult with a specialist doctor, however, if it is your emergency need and you are not getting a right and instant solution then go through our article. Here we have enlisted some proven natural measures that will shorten your period cycle for a particular month by ending it faster or early.

10 Techniques to Make Your Period End Faster

techniques to make your period end faster

Have Some More Sex

Try this technique as it will really work. Having lots of sex not only helps in ending your period faster but it also protects you against nasty cramps associated with the period.

Ladies who have sex on their period days face its side effects which are good news in your case. Having lots of contractions in the uterus makes you flow faster and heavier. Resulting in instead of lasting five days for that particular month your period may end just within three days due to excessive and early flow of period blood.

When you have lots of orgasms either via intercourse or masturbation during your period days the blood squeezed out in an excessive amount that helps in shortening your menstrual flow and also reduces cramps and other discomforts of this particular time of a month.

Take Help of Birth Control Measures

The popular birth control measures such as birth control pills and birth control injects are effective measures to make your period end faster. These hormonal birth control techniques over time shorten the duration of your period cycle as well as also reduces the intensity of cramp associated with a period in women.

It also proves helpful in regulating your cycle in case your period is not occurring on a fixed interval or, delaying or early period issues have developed by balancing your hormones.

However, this won’t work instantly that means if you have started taking these hormonal birth control measures it will take several months to get accustomed with regard to shortening your period dates.

In fact, some contraception techniques have the ability to reduce the total count of periods in a year such as it can reduce your period months in a year from 12 to 11, etc.  Women who have Depo-Proven shot sometimes stop having menstruation in the second year from the date of injection they have received.

However, these birth control pills and injection are only available if your doctor has prescribed for the same. A specialist doctor considers your lifestyle routine, your plan for future kids and as per your current health status before prescribing any such hormonal birth control measure.

Exercise Every Day

As per one study report, daily exercise or workout practices have a prominent effect on women’s menstrual cycles who are actively indulged in these physical activities. When your body remains fit then its effect also seen on your inner health. In some other ways, your outer fitness affects your monthly cycle that is period.

For shorting or ending your period dates faster you can incorporate cardiovascular exercise as a part of your daily life routine. This healthy practice will shorten your period days by ending it faster and also lighten your menstrual flow which is really a sense of relief to those who are struggling with the excessive or heavy flow in their period days. Also, it will relieve you from the tension of horrible period pains by eliminating menstrual cramps without any extra effort for the same.

Daily exercising also helps in reducing your mental stress level which often interferes with your monthly cycle and promotes the secretion of more amount of happy hormones that protects you against irritation, stress or other mood swings issues that occur during your period days. Exercising during your period days reduces water retention in your body which reduces bloating and cramping issues during your period days.

However, if you are planning for intense exercise or excessive exercise practicing then it is best to consult first with the healthcare specialist who can help you in determining which and how much exercising is good for you. This is because excessive exercising can reduce your Body Mass Index or BMI to an unhealthy range that affects your hormonal health and even you may stop menstruating completely which is harmful to your reproductive health.

Reduce your Excessive Body Weight

Your body weight fluctuations or having difficulty in maintaining your BMI level can affect your period cycles and period days making it inconsistent over time. Also, women who are overweight or obese may develop heavy blood flow issues during their period days. So to avoid all these problems and to make your period end faster it is crucial that you maintain healthy body weight.

If you are obese or have over bodyweight then you must take efforts towards reducing it as early as it is possible. In this context, regular exercise practices and some changes in your diet routine can help you in reducing excess fat and maintaining a healthy weight that further helps in regulating your period cycle naturally.

Also by reducing excess fat of your body, you can reduce your risk of period cramps and even end your period at early dates. The reason behind excessive period flow in overweight and obese women is that as much fat cells you have the chances of excess estrogen production will be greater that makes your cycles heavier and long-lasting.

However, if you are experiencing heavy periods flow persistently then it is advised to have a consultation with your doctor. Some hormonal diagnosis tests will make it clear what is actually making your period heavier and longer. Though weight management or reduction is not a matter of few days and it will not fulfill your short term goal that is to end period faster in a cycle, but in the long run it will make your period cycle healthy and its side effects free.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

This is one of the easiest techniques for ending your menstrual cycle faster. Keep yourself fully hydrated in your period days that means if on your regular days you fail to maintain the target of 8 glasses water intake in a day then doesn’t miss the same in your period days.

Drink eight glasses of water that will keep your body hydrated and relieve you from common period symptoms such as abdominal cramps, backaches, etc. Also when your body remains hydrated at a healthy level it will promote the easy and faster flow of blood by preventing the thickening of your blood. Hence make your flow lighter and shorter.

Apart from this, you can also try vinegar technique. Mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar into one cup of water. Drink this prepared drink three times a day in order to end your period faster in a particular month.

Eat Lots of Vegetables and Fruits

This is another effective hack to reduce your period flow and shorten its total duration. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables though healthy for your body all year round but especially in period days if you eat some extra amount of fruits and vegetables than your regular days it will help you in lightning our flow and ending your period at a much faster rate.

Though all fruits and vegetables are healthy but it is found in a study that sucking a lemon juice can stop your period temporarily. Similarly, the consumption of lots of green beans during period days helps in lightening your flow as well as ends your period faster.

Prefer using Sanitary Napkins Over Tampons

Using tampons during your period days can prolong your period days as it blocks the flow of menstrual blood internally from the vagina, making your period lasts shorter than the usual days that is 5 days. This is the reason it is more preferred by the athletic women who need to continue with their training and performance even in their period cycles.

As you want to end your period faster so in your case sanitary napkins will be a better option over tampons. The usage of sanitary napkins no way obstructs the internal flow of menstrual blood hence no chance of exceeding your period days. The usage of sanitary napkins during period days absorbs the flow generated in this cycle and no obstruction it develops that can prolong the number of period days. So use sanitary napkins in periods to end it faster.

Take Vitamin C

A per one study report published by a health journal taking Vitamin C in a certain amount during your period days can reduce the quantity of progesterone in your uterus. This further helps in shedding the uterus walls faster than the normal limit resulting in you bleed faster.

This trick application can help you in ending your menstrual cycle much earlier than the other normal months. However, while using this trick you need to drink lots of water on a more frequent basis. Also, consultation with doctor is a must otherwise an excessive dose of Vitamin C can also cause harm to your health.

Use Some Herbal Remedies

Herbs are the natural and effective methods of treatment of women’s related problems since the very ancient era. The effectiveness of some herbs is still the same as it is in older times.

By using and consuming certain herbs you can easily manage to reduce the flow of your menstruation as well as can also end it faster and earlier than the usual five days. Some herbal remedies which are also clinically proven to stop the menstruation cycle earlier are listed below-

  • Raspberry Leaves- Tea made from dried or fresh raspberry leaves can help in alleviating period cramps by reducing uterine contractions as well as ends it faster by shortening its length.
  • Fennel- It contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can reduce the blood flow intensity and length of your menstrual cycle.
  • Myrtle- The myrtle fruit syrup consumption helps in reducing heavy menstruation.
  • Ginger- Ginger tea consumption during the period cycle helps in relieving heavy bleeding issues naturally.
  • Other Herbs- Apart from these herbs some other popular herbs that help in lightening heavy menstruation as well as helps in ending your period faster include angelica root, shepherd’s purse, garden sage, lady mantle, etc.

It is advised to consult with your doctor before taking an excessive dose of these herbs by own.

Use Heat Compression Technique

You can reduce or relieve your period cramps and end it faster by using the heat compression technique. In this method, you need to apply a heat pack such as warm water bag, microwaveable pads, uncooked rice pack after heating it, and boiled eggs, etc on your abdominal area.

The application of heat packs over your abdomen helps in faster releasing of fluids from uterus thus your period ends faster than your normal period cycles.

Make Your Period End Faster

Use these techniques to make your period end faster only for occasional needs. At any circumstances, these must not be incorporated in your monthly cycles as a fixed ritual otherwise it can badly affect your menstrual cycle and your reproductive health.

If you are facing the issue of longer and heavier blood flow persistently in your monthly cycles then it must be discussed with your doctor who can analyze and access the real causes behind this kind of abnormalities. Also, they will give your necessary medical suggestions to treat this problem from the root.

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